b'COAST GUARD REPORTMerchantUSCG-Certied Light-Weight MarinerAluminum Honeycomb Panels Examinationfor Passenger FerriesWorkingdecorative | durable | functionalGroup rigidized.com/markets/marineJuly 19-21T he National Maritime Center (NMC) ishostinganexaminationworking groupfromJuly19-21,2022,in accordancewith46USC7510toreview USCGDeckOfficerexaminationquestions requiredby46CFR11.910,andissolicit-ingparticipants.Theworkinggroupwill review questions from various topics on the Navigation General, Oceans, and Navigation Problems, Oceans modules.Those desiring to658 Ohio Street | Buffalo, NY 14203 | marine@rigidized.comparticipate should visit the examinations page of the NMC website, open the working group tab, and follow the instructions. The complete schedule of upcoming sessions is also posted on the Examinations page.The Coast Guard needs your participation and asks each of you to consider attending working group sessions and/or spreading the word to encourage others to participate.This is your opportunity to be a proactive participant in shaping the mariner credentialing process.PHOTO: RUSS WIDGER / UNSPLASH 47 MAY 2022'