b'COAST GUARDPVA Director of Regulatory Affairs & Risk Management Eric Christensen and retired U.S. Coast Guard Travelling Inspector Marc CruderCOAST GUARD REPORTRecognition for a Retired U.S. Coast Guard Travelling Inspector On May 10 in Alexandria, Va., PVA members tookamomenttorecognizeMarcCruder, who recently retired from his job as a Coast Guardtravellinginspector,forhissupport, input, and guidance that he provided to PVA E X PHOTO COURTESY OF U.S. COAST GUARDover the years. While in the Coast Guard, Marc was extremely active with issues relating to pas-senger vessel operations and inspections and his advice and counsel was always welcomed. Marc was also a longtime participant in the 2 0 PVA/Coast Guard Quality Partnership Meet-B 1 9Iing attending his first QP meeting in 1996. PVA has appreciated his professionalism and WINNER friendship over these many years.FOGHORN 46'