b'MEMBER NEWSHornblower Receives Grant To BuildGreen Maritime Hydrogen Fueling Station H ornblowerGroup,aPVAmember,Hydrogenvesselscurrentlyunderdevelop- will leverage maritime users to stimulate a re-announced its subsidiary, Hornblow- ment and expected to be operating in Sannewable maritime hydrogen ecosystem along er Energy, has received an $8 millionFrancisco Bay such as the Sea Change San Francisco Bay, serving as a blueprint for grantfromtheU.S.DepartmentofEnergywill benefit from having a secure and afford- safelyestablishingmaritimestation-based (DOE) to design, construct, and operate theable supply of green hydrogen. The projectrenewable power.first asset of its kind to produce green hydro-gen through the use of hydroelectric power. The three-year project began in 2021 in San Francisco with a projected completion date of 2025. Fueling is expected to be available begin-ning in 2024.This project will produce green hydrogen forThe Trusted Source for U.S. ferry and maritime vessels and for growingQuality Systemsland uses of hydrogen, for example hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. The floating and movable sys-tem is also compatible with other zero-carbon sources of electricity such as offshore wind.ThecontractwasawardedbytheDOEs Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable En-ergy (EERE), Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Tech-nologiesOfficeinsupportofitsH2@Scale initiative for affordable hydrogen production, storage, distribution, and utilization. Private sectorcollaboratingvendorsincludePVA member Glosten.I am incredibly proud of the work our team hasputforwardinleadingthisnextphase ofhydrogenfueledtechnology,saidKevin Rabbitt, chief executive officer, Hornblower Group.Thisindustry-firstfuelingstation proves our commitment to investing in new and innovative technologies within the mari-time industry and beyond.This project will demonstrate hydrogen pro-duction, storage, and fueling capabilities of up to 530 kg of hydrogen per day. An integrated systemofgreenhydrogenproductionvia water electrolysis and hydrogen power genera-tion via fuel cellboth mounted on the float-ing stationwill bring commercial hydrogen technologytothemaritimeindustry.The project will also help establish science-based protocols, procedures, operating parameters,THRUSTERSLIGHTINGSEATINGDOORSTRIM CONTROLWIPERSCONTROLSand attendant training materials for the safe and routine generation and storage of electro-lyzed hydrogen and handling of water-to-wa-ter and water-to-land hydrogen and fuel-cell power transfer. www.imtra.com 508.995.700041 MAY 2022'