b'LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENTAT THE HELM Advancement ThroughCooperation and CommitmentBOB BIJUR // PRESIDENTO ur FOGHORN focus this month is marine propulsion and itoperations and general economic conditions; all of which were very im-is fascinating to me to participate in conversations with PVApactful. The QP agenda also included discussions about dry-dock ex-associate and vessel members about repowering or new con- tensions, pitted plate, illegal charters,impairment testing for required struction power requirements, and their challenges. One, because itDepartment of Transportation (DOT) drug testing programs, as well indicates to me how old I am getting, not quite horse and buggy, butas a restart of the slips, trips, and falls working group. We also reviewed when I started my below-deck career our main engines and auxiliaryan annual report, which includes statistics on vessels and casualties motors had a lot more hoses than wires.in our industry, which is prepared for PVA by the Coast Guard every spring. Next years annual report will possibly include illegal charter As you know, there are a lot of things happening in the passenger ves- termination data. sel industry withnew technologies. To stay on top of these changes we have formed the PVA Engineering and Emerging Technology Sub- The following day a well-attended, in-person meeting of the PVA Board committee, which is part of the PVA Safety and Security Committee.of Directors took place in Arlington, Va., just outside of our nations capi-tal Among other business, the board confirmed the appointment of Katie We have two highly-experienced individuals who will serve as co-chairsHill as the staff liaison to the PVA Digital Marketing Committee, which for this important new subcommittee. They are Mike McElroy of Wen- has oversight of the Ahoy New Adventures digital marketing program. della Sightseeing Boats and Gary Frommelt of City Experiences. TheseKaties experience with the PVA web site and social media platforms are two of the best of PVA; both are engineers and are committed tomakes her a great fit and she is excited to work with our Committee Chair-bringingpracticalexperiencetothisever-changingenvironment.persons Colleen Stephens and Susanne Krug. Be on the lookout for some Please contact Eric Christensen at echristensen@passengervessel.comexciting new energy coming from this committee and its commitment to if you would like to get involved with this exciting committee. Here abring added value to this important member program. few of the items that the team will address: As our industry starts the slow road to recovery, we find as vessel op-Batteries: regulated temperature compensation as required erators and associates that we face many of the same challenges, suchCharging issues with absorbed glass matte (AGM) vs. lead acid vs. gelas shortages of staff both in hospitality service and credentialed andLithium-Ion batteries pros and cons non-credentialed marine crew. The PVA Board is in agreement thatElectrical: correct rotation on three-phasethis is of critical importance and will support initiatives and programsLED lighting interference, grounded neutral that will help members seek relief through a variety of platforms, in- UL 1077 vs UL489 DC breakers cluding the PVA website.Engine electronic control units (ECU) and diagnosticsTherecentproposedOralFluidTestingruleforDepartmentof A four-page list of possible additional technical subjects was generatedTransportation (DOT) drug testing programs might be coinciden-within minutes of the committees formation. Outreach for participa- tal, or possibly someone is listening, is a first step in the quest for tion from PVAs associate members is underway. impairment testing for cannabis. The topic has been front and center in PVA Legislative, Regulatory, and Safety and Security Committee The PVA Executive Committee, along with staff and board members,meetings, As states continue to decriminalize marijuana, it becomes delivered the news of the formation of this subcommittee to U.S. Coastcritically important that we have the ability to identify impairment Guard leadership at the first face-to-face PVA/Coast Guard Qualitywhile not requiring total prohibition. The same reasoning applies Partnership (QP) meeting in over two years. We were invited to Coastto alcohol consumption. The current testing requirements identify Guard headquarters in Washington for this important bi-annual meet- the presence of cannabis that extends back for many weeks or even ing. It is the premier opportunity to interact with our industrys pri- months. That fact precludes many from obtaining or applying for mary regulator, and it consistently generates a very robust agenda ofemployment in our workforce. topics of importance to our members. Rear Admiral Wayne Arguin, the new Coast Guard Assistant Commandant for Prevention Policy,On day three a small group of PVA members made several in-person gave us a very encouraging welcome. He is no stranger to PVA and atvisits to Capitol Hill. Ed Welch and staff worked hard to schedule these one point in his career was a standing member of the QP. He was veryappointments, which allowed us to experience something very differ-clear about his commitment to safety and identifying and providingent from our past Congressional fly-ins. Eds great talent arranged to support for SMS/SIP implementation. We also had the opportunityget us in to speak with Representative Brian Masts office, who is on to share with the Coast Guard the impacts of the pandemic on ourthe cannabis caucus, to deliver our message on impairment testing and industry and the hopeful expectation of a successful upcoming season.how it would benefit hiring in this impossible job market. In all our PVA members attending the meeting were able to give updates on theirappointments we requested support for CERTS and the Restaurant Continued on page 39FOGHORN 4'