b'MEMBER NEWSMEMBER NEWS Volvo Penta Hybrid-electric Tour BoatEnters Operations in the ArcticE arlier this month, just 800 miles fromthe Volvo Penta marine business unit. We seeing modes enhancing efficiency and comfort the North Pole, a Volvo Penta poweredelectromobility as an enabler for many marineon board. It also allows Volvo Penta the ability hybrid-electricvesselmadeitsmaidencommercialoperationsthathaveshort,to offer ease of installation and one point of commercial voyage from Longyearbyen, Sval- dedicatedjourneysasourindustrystrivescontactforaftermarketsupport,aswellas bardtheworldsnorthernmosttown.Thetowards a zero CO 2emissions future. enabling Volvo Penta experts to monitor and launch showcased the capabilities of the thelearn from vessels in real-timewhich is the Kvitbjrn (translation: Polar Bear). DesignedThe tourists on board Kvitbjrn for its firstkey to exploring new business models.for exploration in the heart of the Arctic, thevoyageareamongthefirstintheworldto vessel is powered by a complete helm-to-pro- experience the Arctic with this level of quietThis will be Hurtigruten Svalbards first hy-peller Volvo Penta twin D4-320 DPI Aqua- cruising under electric power. brid day tour vessel and the first of its kind in matic hybrid-electric solution. Svalbard. In another first, the companies will Volvo Penta is known for its integrated systemsbetestingaground-breakingnewbusiness The vessel is the product of a collaboration byapproach from helm to propellerthe propul- model,basedonapower-by-the-hourpay-PVA member Volvo Penta and Marell Boatssionsystem,includingengineanddriveline,ment program.and Hurtigruten Svalbard. It is being used inthe electronic vessel control system (EVC), joy-a three-year pilot project to test new electro- stick control, dynamic positioning system, andHurtigruten Svalbard will trial paying by the mobility technology in one of the worlds mostthe driver interface. This full systems approachkilowatt-hour for the vessels operation. This extreme maritime environments. This first-of- is a key advantage in electromobility transfor- pioneering e-mobility-as-a-service model, while its-kind, hybrid-electric vessel has a top speedmationthe benefits of which are evident instill at a concept stage, could revolutionize how of 30 knots, a cruising speed of 24 knots, and athe Kvitbjrn. customers purchase and use marine e-mobility range of 500 nautical miles. solutions, particularly as upfront costs can be The integrated system, with a uniquely devel- higher. This is a way of risk-sharing between We are so excited to see this vessel go intooped human machine interface (HMI), allowsVolvo Penta and the end-user and could offer operation,saysJohanInden,presidentofthe operator to seamlessly shift between driv- great benefits to early adopters. COURTESY OF VOLVO PENTAFOGHORN 32'