b'MEMBER NEWSAll American MarineDelivers Second Catamarn to AlaskaA ll American Marine (AAM), Belling-ham, Wash., has delivered the Skana,a 150-passenger hydrofoil-assisted cat-amaran for Major Marine Tours. Both com-panies are PVA members. This is the second vessel AAM has delivered to the Seward, Alas-ka-based operator in two years. Like its sister ship, Spirit of Matushka delivered in the spring of2021,thevesselwillcarrypassengerson tours visiting Kenai Fjords National Park.The 87 x 32 aluminum catamaran is certified to USCG Subchapter T and has a semi-displace-ment catamaran hull. It integrates a symmetri-cal and asymmetrical combined hull shape, bow wave piercer, and innovative dynamic hydrofoil system. The hull shape was custom designed using digital modeling and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis. The hull design is complemented by integration of a wave piercer,the fleet for Major Marine Tours, said Majoramenities include high-quality Beurteaux seats positionedbetweenthecatamaransponsonsMarine Tours Vice President Colby Lawrence.and electrical outlets with USB plugs at every ta-to break up wave action and ensure reducedOur customers truly enjoy the spacious andble. The exterior seats are all underneath covered drag while enhancing passenger comfort. Theaccessibledeckspaceswhenviewingwhalescanopies, including on the open-air third deck. vessels design provides a cushioned effect whenandglaciers,particularlythestadiumbowThe entire main deck, including the bow, has encountering waves, providing a smooth ride.viewing area. wheelchair access and the main deck cabin in-cludes wheelchair-designated seating locations. ThecatispoweredbyfourHamiltonJetOnboard the vessel, passengers can enjoy theThe vessel also features an expansive stadium HM422waterjets,poweredbyfourScaniaspacious comfort of two enclosed cabins whosestanding area for wildlife and nature viewing.DI16 082 engines, rated at 788 bhp @ 2,100 RPM. The vessels HamiltonJet AVX controls have features such as the use of an intuitive Mouseboat controller. Built on a compacted graphite iron (CGI) engine block and employ-ing a simple wastegate turbocharger, the quadWe take the heat, ScaniaDI16-literenginesdelivertop-of-class performance without the need for additionalso you dont have to.turbos or superchargers. The resulting lighter Cool. Because you need it. We deliver cool based on weight, combined with Scanias proprietary en- your reality. So no matter where you operate, hot days gine management system (EMS) and commonand heavy loads will never slow you down. rail extra high-pressure injection system (XPI), optimizesfueldeliveryenablingimpressive torque, lower noise and exceptional fuel effi- PHOTO COURTESY OF ALL AMERICAN MARINEciency. With an increased fuel capacity of 1,900 gallons, the Skana was upgraded to include a dynamicaluminumhydrofoil,enhancingits speed and efficiency.GRIDCOOLERWEKAAll American Marine worked with us to refineKeel Cooler Boxcoolerour goals, build a second, proven vessel that met those goals, and then delivered. In fact, despite building two boats during the midst offernstrum.com| 1.906.863.5553| sales@fernstrum.com a global pandemic they delivered both boats onISO 9001:2015time and on budget. This new vessel with its2022 R.W. Fernstrum & Company. All rights reserved. FERNSTRUM and GRIDCOOLER are registered trademarks of R.W. Fernstrum & Company. All capacity, comfort, and speed is revolutionizingother trademarks cited are the property of their respective owners.31 MAY 2022'