b'PVA membersWorking group to assess the condition of hullKevin Kiefer, Coast Guard, updated the QP plate during inspection using tools developedon the way forward to revise marine event requested informationbytheShipStructuresCommitteeforthepermitting with a focus on limiting impact to CoastGuard.BobBijurreportedonthecommercial operations.on violations andprogress of the project and noted that there wasaneedtofindthecomputersoftwareThe commitment to safety remains a top pri-prosecutions of illegaldeveloped to easily assess the plate using onlyority of the QP. Both Bob Bijur and RDML a few thickness values.Arguin promised continued engagement and passenger operationsthe resources needed to complete the work of be added to the annual Revisemarineeventpermittingguidance.the partnership. The next meeting will be inreport starting in 2023. SteveJones,GatewayClipperFleet,andthe fall and the plan is to again meet in-person.data to normalize as vessel operators bring back vesselsthatweretakenoutofactiveservice during the pandemic. The final report will be the subject of a future FOGHORN article, but one statistic that stood out was that slips, trips, and falls remain the top initiating events for passenger and crew injuries.PVA members requested information on viola-tions and prosecutions of illegal passenger op-erations be added to the annual report starting in 2023. Coast Guard enforcement efforts are yielding more fines and convictions, but the problem still requires continued visibility.PARTNERSHIPAND WORK PRODUCTSOne of the key values of the QP is the op-portunity for PVA and the Coast Guard to collaborate on issues of mutual concern. As mentioned above, slips, trips, and falls is an is-sue that requires continued attention. Prior to the pandemic, PVA and the Coast Guard com-mitted to working together to review casualty data with an eye toward addressing the root cause of slips, trips, and falls. At this meeting, PVAandtheCoastGuardrecommittedto studying the last five years of data and coming up with recommendations to improve safety. Otherworkproductsinitiatedunderthe QP include:Identify companies needing additional Coast Guard engagement to implement the Stream-linedInspectionProgramand/orFlagship Safety Management System. The following companiesweresubmittedtotheCoast Guard for follow up over the next six months: BB Riverboats, Cincinnati, OhioIsland Queen Cruises, Miami, Fla.Stan Stephens Glacier and WildlifeCruises, Valdez, Alaska27 MAY 2022'