b'SAFETYSAFETY MATTERSQuality Partnership Back In-PersonERIC CHRISTENSEN // PVA DIRECTOR OF REGULATORY AFFAIRS & RISK MANAGEMENTO n May 10, 2022, members of PVAsserved as the executive secretary of the QP as a Confrontingsexualassaultandsexualha- senior leadership met with Rear Ad- lieutenant in the early 2000s. rassment (SASH) in the maritime industry. miral(RDML)WayneArguinandRDML Arguin considers SASH a distraction his senior staff in-person at U.S. Coast GuardCOAST GUARD PRIORITIES to safe operations and there must be a cultur-HeadquartersinWashington.ThiswastheRDML Arguin went over his priorities for theal shift to address the problem.first time in two years that PVA and the Coastnext two, or possibly three, years that he plans Guardmettheirmeetingobligationsunderto be in this assignment. He will be focusing on The impact of green technology on the ma- the Quality Partnership (QP) in other than aseveral challenges including: rine industry and the Coast Guard workforce. virtual format. The QP was established in 1996Emergingtechnologiessuchasalternative under the Prevention Through People initia-Bringing quality management to the preven- fuels, battery power, and autonomous vesselstive championed by the then head of the Coasttion workforce. As the Coast Guard contin- require a more skilled workforce to adapt and Guards Marine Safety mission, Rear Admiralues to promote and enforce safety manage- remain safe.Jim Card. The QP is a forum for frank andment across the industry it is only fitting that open discussions regarding the state of the in- the Coast Guard as an organization embracesINDUSTRY INSIGHTdustry and relations between the Coast Guardquality management principles. PVA President Bob Bijur and other members andthedomesticpassengervesselindustry.provided insight on how their companies are The QP will often charter working groups tocomingoutofCOVID-19andwhatchal-address specific areas of concern such as slips,lengestheyarefacing.Hiringandretaining trips, and falls; high speed craft; and inspectingThis meeting was qualifiedworkerswasacommonconcern engine automation. among members. This is a nationwide issue. the first opportunityAs the industry comes out of the uncertainty Thismeetingwasthefirstopportunityforof the pandemic, demand for passenger vessel PVA to interact with RDML Arguin as thefor PVA to interactservices is high, and in some cases operators are AssistantCommandantforPreventionPoli- having to limit passengers and cancel trips due cy. The admiral is no stranger to PVA havingwith RDML Arguin. to a lack of personnel. Relief from the mask mandate was also mentioned and there was a hope that CDC would not try to institute new requirements. Supply chain issues also contin-ue to impact the industry. The need for spare parts and consumables has resulted in delays for some companies. PVAmembersbroughtuptherecentDe-partmentofTransportationrulemaking DIGITAL SHIPBUILDERS regarding the proposed use of oral fluid test-ing in lieu of urinalysis to meet drug testing DESIGN. BUILD. CONSULT. requirements. All agreed this was a step in the incatcrowther.com right direction for a testing regime that may be a better indicator of impairment in a user of a dangerous drug. COAST GUARD ANNUAL REPORTTheCoastGuardpresentedthedraftUS-CG-PVA Quality Partnership Annual Report 2019-2021forreviewandcomment.The three-yearrollingaveragereportprovides information on the performance of the U.S. passenger vessel fleet including inspected vessel population, casualties, deficiencies, and deten-tions.In general, vessel population, casualties, SEASTREAK COMMODORE, SEASTREAK COURAGEOUS and injuries/fatalities were all down from 2019. 2 x 45m Catamaran Ro-Pax Ferries The Coast Guard expects the vessel population FOGHORN 26'