b'Always keep a copy of the signed CG 719K prior to sending it to theInconsistencies within materials submitted such as a schedule indi-FOGHORN FOCUS NMC/REC. Copies of applications that have missing pages are notcating X hours of training where the detailed teaching syllabus and kept and are securely shredded.lesson plans clearly show a different number.Utilize the live chat feature on the website for medical application I nclusion of outdated content and examination questions in bothquestions. There are knowledgeable personnel who can assist. original and renewal submissions.COURSE APPROVALS DESIGNATED EXAMINER /QUALIFIED ASSESSOR/Missing one or more regulatory components of a course or programINSTRUCTOR APPROVALS approval submittal.Documentation of training or experience in assessment techniques(coursecompletioncertificates,professionalcertifications,perfor- Lack of or incomplete coverage of the performance standards neces- mance evaluations, etc.). sary to assess Standards of Training Certification, and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW) competencies. Qualification in tasks requested (e.g., documentation provided indi-cates service on passenger vessels, when request includes assessment of cargo handling tasks).A total of 66,796 AI reasonsProof of having attained level of experience to assess others.were issued in 2021 for MMCRenewals Only: Evidence of training, instruction, and/or experience applications and most of thein assessment techniques in the last five years. If a QA or DE actively assessed others during the previous five years, provide evidence of those applications requiring AI ongoing assessments. Companies should provide positive statements clearly indicating ongoing assessment of others during the previous five were missing multiple pieces years. If the QA or DE has not been actively assessing others, provide proof of course completion certificates or other records of having re-of information.ceived training in assessment techniques during the previous five years. PHOTOS COURTESY OF THE U.S. COAST GUARD NATIONAL MARITIME CENTERFOGHORN 22'