b'mation or AI for short. Applications that involve AI, require NMC staff to contact mariners and training providers to obtain the missing information, often adding weeks or longer to the overall production and delivery schedule. A total of 66,796 AI reasons were issued in 2021 for MMC applications and most of the applications requiring AI were missing multiple pieces of information. Additionally, over 10 percent of the applications for medical certificates are missing information. In 2021, a total of 7,882 AI reasons were issued for medical certificate ap-plications. Heres a list of some of the most common reasons a mariner or Mariner Training Provider (MTP) will receive an AI notification (a complete list can be found at the links provided below): MMC listMedical ListCourse Approval/DE/QAMERCHANT MARINER CREDENTIAL Proof of required training missing or training certificates did not have Coast Guard course approval number, which is required. Documentation often missing: Includes a copy of Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC), evidence of suitability, round trip documentation, and STCW assessments. Signature/date problems: Application often missing the mariners signature or the date on application is date of birth rather than date signed. Oath not taken or missing signatures: Section four of the application contains the oath and certifications by the mariner applicant. Section five must contain the applicants signature and date signed. For appli-cants seeking their first MMC, the oath must be taken and certified by an individual authorized to administer the oath. Sea Service Letters: Missing signatures, missing evidence of transfers, employers using position descriptions other than whats identified in 46CFR10.107, no description of waters served upon, hours worked, missing service for watchkeeping duties. MEDICAL CERTIFICATESMariners must remember to include supporting documentation at-tachments from a medical provider regarding the status of a medical condition.Page seven of the CG-719K often is not fully completedthis in-cludes the visual acuity, color vision & hearing standards.T he U.S. Coast Guards National Maritime Center (NMC) isMedications/conditions are not explained or commented on page five.the single U.S. government entity for credentialing U.S. mer-chantmariners.Alongwithits17RegionalExamCentersNOT AI REASONS (REC) and two Monitoring Units (MU), the NMC employs over 350BUT IMPORTANT THINGS TO REMEMBER WHENcivilians, contractors, and active duty personnel, and carries out a vari- APPLYING FOR A MEDICAL CERTIFICATEety of credentialing-related functions. The NMCs mission is to issueMedical applications with missing pages cannot be accepted. Mari-credentials to fully qualified mariners in the most effective and efficientners will receive notification addressing the need for resubmission of manner possible. One issue that disrupts the business flow is incom- a complete application. plete applications. Specifically, more than 50 percent of all Merchant MarinerCredential(MMC),courseapproval,designatedexaminerThe mariner must resubmit the entire completed application. The (DE), and qualified assessor (QA) application submissions are missingNMC will not accept individual pages to add to a previously submit-information. This results in what the NMC calls Additional Infor- ted incomplete application. 21 MAY 2022'