b'tial in a large number of applications, but Packer noted it wont be thetential need to relocate fuel tanks, a vessels nautical range may be less FOGHORN FOCUS only sustainable fuel in the future. As he mentioned to me, especiallyor a higher frequency of refueling may be required if only repowering short run vessels and very long-range vessels may benefit from otheran existing vessel.alternatives. A small ferry covering short distances could possibly be powered by batteries recharged between crossings or at the end of theAs a new vessel is planned and alternative fuel sources are considered, day. An operator covering a longer distance with more passengers andthe infrastructure to get the fuel to the ship has to be taken into ac-vehicles may require increased fuelcount as well. For example, shore-side capacity, as an example. Companiescharging capabilities are a requirement like Rolls-Royce Power Systems willRetrofit opportunitiesfor all-electric ferries, but many ports work with their customers and part- are not yet equipped to handle such ners to find the right solution to fitwill be discussed as partneeds. Methanol is available today and each clients needs. is a worldwide commodity, but its not of the design requirementcommonly used as fuel and therefore Iaskedaboutthetransitiontofor product development.some logistical challenges remain. The methanolandiftheresthepossi- fact that its a liquid works in its favor bility to retrofit a vessel or if it willHowever, its expected thatas it can be trucked into a port, and more likely be part of the design ofthere are existing methods, similar to new builds. Packer noted that retro- most ships implementingthose used to deliver diesel, that can be fit opportunities will be discussedused to get methanol to vessels.as part of the design requirement formethanol as a fuel will be product development and it shouldSome fuel sources, such as ammonia, be possible to convert existing ves- new builds.bring with them safety concerns. Am-sels.However,itsexpectedthatmonia can be highly toxic if inhaled most ships implementing methanoland is corrosive to the skin and eyes, as a fuel will be new builds. Although methanols volumetric energytherefore it carries higher risks for use in propulsion systems. In terms density makes it a good alternative to diesel, it requires significantlyof toxicity, methanol is relatively safe which distinguishes it from fuel more tankage to achieve similar nautical range. In addition to the po- options like ammonia. Packer explained that it is a low flash point RefitandRepairUnder ConstructionCourtesy of Seacraft Design NEEBISH ISLANDER IIIQuality Commercial Vessels.Built by Burger to Your RequirementsBurger is recognized worldwide for quality custom vessels that provide years of dependable service.Refit and Repair Services Aluminum and Steel Fabrication Passenger Vessels- Hull Plate Replacement +1 920.686.5117Water Taxis- Exterior and Interior Coatings sales@burgerboat.com- Engine and Generator RepowersRecent Launch selWind Farm Support Vessels burgerboatcommercial.com98 Steel Passenger VesCrew Supply Vessels- All Vessel System Repairs Other Vessels to 260 (80m) - Interior Refresh Proudly built in the USAFOGHORN 18'