b'W ith the ultimate goal of zero emissions, many companiesgreen methanol production facilities come online, its availability as a are looking toward new options for fueling their opera- marine fuel is expected to increase. Like diesel, its a liquid fuel which tions. As alternatives to die- can be easily transported with minimal sel are being explored to make this goalrisk.Methanolalsooffersoneofthe areality,methanolhasgainedfavorbest energy density of alternative fuels as a strong contender for marine pro- Methanol is alreadyincomparisontodiesel.Itsabout50 pulsion. I recently spoke with Andrewpercent the power density of diesel, but Packer, senior manager, marine appli- available at many portsmost other alternative fuels measure up cationengineering,atRolls-Roycemuch worse in this regard. businessunitPowerSystems,abouttoday. Like diesel, its methanol to learn more about this fuelWith the ease and safety of transporting option and why its so well-suited to a liquid fuel which canit and the higher performance of the fuel, the marine industry. be easily transportedmethanol is being invested in as a lead-ing fuel source moving forward. There There are a number of alternative fuelwith minimal risk. isnt necessarily a one-size-fits-all option andpoweroptionsbeingdevelopedhowever, and a variety of technologies for marine propulsion and I wonderedare being developed at companies such what sets methanol apart from otheras Rolls-Royce to reduce the ecological sustainable fuels. Packer explained that methanol is already availableimpact of the marine industry, from hybrid to fuel cells to all electric at many ports today. Although methanol, as termed grey methanolpropulsion. Considerations such as range or the need to recharge will is derived from fossil fuels and is readily available, green methanol isbe among the factors guiding operators and shipbuilders to determine produced in a climate-neutral way and has limited availability. As morewhich energy form best suits their requirements. Methanol has poten-Alternatives to diesel fuel require at least 76 percent more volumefor the same energy content. ENERGY DENSITIES INCL. TANKS7000] VOLUMETRIC ENERGY DENSITY [kWh/m HEAVIER Diesel360005000PHOTO: SIMPLE STRIPES / UNSPLASH; CHART COURTESY OF ROLLS-ROYCE LARGER4000OME 3-6 DMEMethane liqu.3000 MethanolAmmonia2000 Hliqu.2Methane 200 bar1000 H 2 /LOHC H700 bar2H350 bar2H100 bar0 20 2000 4000 6000 8000 10,000 12,000GRAVIMETRIC ENERGY DENSITY [kWh/t]17 MAY 2022'