b'currently use an SCR to meet Tier 4 requirements but there are manu- of vessels, is the space constraints. Older vessels are mainly wood and FOGHORN FOCUS facturers that use EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) technology. Each typefiberglass construction and engine room space is at a premium.has its own advantages and challenges that need to be considered when deciding for a specific vessel. A current tier 4 engine will only require theThe latest regulations will create challenges to the industry, but we addition of a DPF. should remember that change is a constant in the world of governing body requirements. This is not something that we can avoid. Survival There are many statements about the technology availability towill be determined by how well we embrace and manage the change. achieve these stringent regulations for the marine industry. These regu- Other transportation industries have met similar changes head on and lations are not new to the transportation industry and in fact have beenmoved from survival mode to thriving. in place since 2000 starting with IMO Tier 1, transitioning to 2015 with the implementation of Tier 4F. What makes these current technologiesFor additional information on the new CARB requirements, please re-difficult for the marine industry today, especially the sportfishing classfer to an article in the April 2022 issue of FOGHORN magazine.About the AuthorsERIC SMITHERIK VAN DYCKDIRECTOR OF APPLICATION ENGINEERING ANDNORTH AMERICAN SALES MANAGER,PROJECT MANAGEMENT, HUG ENGINEERING, INC.HUG ENGINEERING, INC. Eric Smith has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Technology fromErik Van Dyck has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue Indiana State University and 24 years of manufacturing experienceuniversity and 22 years of experience in the transportation emissions in various industries including automotive, aerospace, and after- control industry with a background including manufacturing, ap-treatment emissions control systems. He earned his PMP in 2022plicationsengineering,programmanagement,platformmanage-and is now the Director of Application Engineering and Projectment, sales and commercial development. He is currently the North Management for Hug Engineering. American sales manager for Hug Engineering mobile applications. 2021-GH-Hyline_Foghorn.pdf 16 8/24/21 11:50 AMFoghorn 3.375 wide x 4.875 highWE DO THE WORK, YOU DO THE GOOD.C Let us provide you a statement review that M can deliver valuable, potentially money saving solutions to your payment processing needs. YCM In turn, we will donate $250 to theMY Passenger Vessel Foundation in your name. CYCMYK DONT BUILD A FERRY. Navigating paymentstogether. Experience the Thrive Payments BUILD A LEGEND. Difference today.ASSOCIATE MEMBER:PROUD SUPPORTER:gladding-hearn.com855.794.2602thrivepay.usFOGHORN 10'