b'NEWSWIRENEWSWIRE File YourVessel General PermitAnnual Report with EPA by Feb. 15I f your vessel or vessels are subject to cover- from the VGP requirements. Responding toThis link provides an entry into the Electronic age under the Environmental ProtectionPVAs advocacy efforts, Congress codified thisReporting System (a username and password Agencys(EPA)VesselGeneralPermitpermanent exemption in December 2018. are needed); there is a link for help if you have (VGP),therequiredannualreportmustbelost or forgotten your username and password.filed no later than Feb. 15, 2022, covering ac- File your annual report electronically well in tivities conducted from Jan. 1 through Dec. 31advanceofthedeadline,assometimesfilersA copy of the full 2013 VGP can be found here. of the year 2021. waiting until the last minute have encounteredSee pages 181-189 for a sample of the Annual difficulties with the online system. Report. The 2013 VGP is the current and most The VGP applies to any commercial vessel ofrecent version of the regulation for compliance. 79 feet or greater in length, or a vessel of anyFor most PVA members that operate coveredEventually, EPA will issue a new version, but for size that discharges ballast water. It authoriz- vesselswithnoballastwaterdischarges,thenow, the 2013 version, including its required es the vessel discharge of numerous types ofAnnual Report itself will be relatively simpleAnnual Report, remains in force. wastewaters (other than sewage) and sets outto complete. A few operators of newly-built expected best management practices. vessels of 400 gross tons or more, mediumHOW TO SUBMIT ANNUAL REPORTScruise ships, and large cruise ships may haveThe VGP requires electronic submission of the Small vessels of less than 79 feet that do not dis- to fill out the additional graywater and bilge- annual reports. charge ballast water are permanently exemptwater monitoring requirements.The first step is to register in EPAs free, on-line system to submit electronic reports at EPAs Central Data Exchange If you registered for the 2008 VGP youmust update your registration to submit 2013 VGP reports. Onceregistered,annualreportsusingaCDXusernameandpasswordtologin. You may submit multiple reports at a time using a batch upload function. Submit an-nual reports here. QUESTIONS FOR EPAREGARDING THE VGP ELECTRONIC REPORTING SYSTEM?Send them to: VGPeNOI@epa.gov.PHOTO: SVEN BECKER / UNSPLASH FOGHORN 40'