b'NEWSWIRENEWSWIRE Key Industry Leaders to Speakat MariTrends 2022The PVA Annual Convention at MariTrends 2022, to be held Marchsessions, but will also feature several industry leaders who will share their 47 at the Northern Kentucky Convention Center in Covington, Ky.,vision about trends that will impact industry activities and will influence will not only include a variety of informative roundtable and educationfuture planning and decision making. OPENING GENERAL SESSION GENERAL SESSIONFriday, March 4 // 1:002:00 p.m. Saturday, March 5 // 1:00 p.m.2:00 p.m.COAST GUARD PRIORITIES FOR 2022 AND BEYOND THE FUTURE OF TRAVEL:RADM John Mauger THE CRYSTAL BALL IS LESS CLOUDYAssistant Commandant for Prevention PolicyAmir EylonUnited States Coast Guard President and CEO, Partner, Longswood InternationalRADM John Mauger is currently the assistant commandant for preven- As partners to leading destinations and brands in the tourism industry tion policy at U.S. Coast Guard headquarters in Washington, D.C. Hisfor 30 years, Longwoods International is focused on working with cli-participation in MariTrends 2022 is important in that he is now respon- ents to meet their research needs and objectives through groundbreak-sible for the development of national policy, standards, and programsing research, thought-leading insights, and excellent counsel and service.promoting marine safety, security, and environmental stewardship. HeMr. Eylon is a 33-year veteran of the tourism industry and leads the team has authority over inspections and compliance, marine transportationat Longwoods. systems, and commercial regulations and standards; each of critical im-portance to the passenger vessel industry. In his address, he will explain what todays traveler is thinking, how they feel about travel, and what is influencing them in deciding to travel. He RADM Mauger will highlight his priorities, and those of the Coastwill also analyze whether travelers thinking and planning ends up being Guard, during his tenure and for the future. These insights will be cru- what they decide to do. In addition, Mr. Eylon will explore what busi-cial to your planning and will influence future vessel operations.ness owners who cater to the leisure traveler need to be aware of, doing, and promoting to attract travelers in the next 12 months.Make your plans to take part in these informative and insightful addresses. REGISTER HEREFOGHORN 38'