b'MEMBER NEWSMEMBER NEWS Seastreaks Courageous is Largest U.S. High-speed FerryI n December, PVA member Seastreak, LLCTheCourageousstartedserviceinmid-De- thasVineyard,Mass.,apopularsummer welcomed the Courageous, a 720-passengercember, running peak departures out of thedestination for Seastreak customers.vessel. The Courageous now ranks as thecompanys terminal at Highlands, N.J.largest capacity high-speed ferry in the U.S.,The wheelhouse electronics were provided by company officials say. ThecompanyhaditsbestseasoneverinPVAmemberFurunoUSA.Windowswere 2019, and during 2021, commuter ridershipupgraded to the latest technology of insulated Seastreak officials made the decision in 2019,returned to almost 60 percent of that baseline.glass to reduce the solar load of the cabin, as tostepupfromthe600-passengercapacityThe arrival of the Omicron variant and newwell as to provide fog-free views. A high level of companys previous acquisition, the Com- precautions in New York City dropped rider- of interior finish, 360-degree open-air views, modore. As the COVID-19 pandemic struckship in late December. Operators are hopingtwo fully-stocked bars, and specially-designed inspring2020,thecompanysawridershipfor a return in ridership once the latest wave ofengine and jet room noise insulation will give plunge.Despitethepandemic,Seastreakthe pandemic subsides.riders a comfortable and quiet commute. moved forward with the build of the new ferry. The vessel was named in the summer of 2020,The Courageous has a modified bow radiusThe arrival of the Courageous coincides nicely as a tribute to medical workers who continuedthat will allow for more versatility with bowwith the growth we are expecting in the com-to travel by ferry to treat COVID-19 patients,loadingatdifferentlandings,saidBrianing year, since passengers will have more room according to James D. Barker, Seastreaks di- Achille,Seastreaksdirectorofengineering.tospreadoutandcreatedistancebetween rector of business development and marketing.That includes matching to the dock at Mar- themselves and others, said James Barker.Throughout the ever-changing pandemic, MOPS Marine License Insurance has been working diligently to uphold our commitment to help professional mariners navigate through uncertain waters. We take our promise to protect the licenses, livelihood and reputations of licensed mariners seriously, just like we have since 1935. This means that we are utilizing our more than 85 years of expertise and knowledge to maximize the effectiveness of our network of maritime attorneys and safeguard your USCG license. We also understand you may be experiencing financial difficulties at this time, but dont let that stop you from protecting your livelihood. Contact uswe are ready to assist. And, we know from experience that its not always smooth sailing, so our marine license insurance specialists are right by your side whenever trouble strikes, 24/7/365. PHOTO COURTESY OF SEASTREAK, LLCThere are still a lot of unknowns in the world right now. But one thing remains certainMOPS is here to help you steer the course. MOPS Marine License Insurance800-782-8902 x3608 | mopsmarinelicenseinsurance.comProtecting mariners for over 85 yearsFOGHORN 36'