b'LEGAL MATTERSLEGAL MATTERS Employment Offer Letters AN IMPORTANT AND ELABORATE DOCUMENTSTEVEN E. BERS, ESQ. // PVA GENERAL COUNSELG ood news! At these times of challeng- follow. It should be positive. Too often we seeannualized rate of $X. Too often, HR profes-ingrecruitment,aviableapplicantoffer letters that start with a message similar tosionals unnecessarily add that the position is seemsinterestedinyourpassengeryou are employed at will and can be terminat- exempt or non-exempt. The average per-vesselbusiness.Whatsthenextsteptoset ed at any time. Some offer letters continue theson outside the HR world can find these terms the hook? buzz-kill with multiple repetitions of the atconfusing. Clarity is achieved by merely noting will status warning. if overtime is paid. Finally, the compensation The offer of employment letter serves manysection should state the frequency of pay, and purposes. The letter must enhance the appli- Instead, the natural order is an introductionwhether the employer employs direct deposit. cants interest in the opportunity and protectwelcoming the applicant and expressing enthu-the employer against claims that it misrepre- siasm for the applicants interest. Next followsNext, explain the benefits. Bullet each benefit sented the employment opportunity. The let- the name of the position, the reporting date,separately. There is no need to identify every ter must be sufficiently substantial to allow theandareferencetothesupervisortowhomterm or condition of every benefit, so long as applicant to resign from current employment.theindividualwillreport.Adescriptionofthe following necessary language is included, It must sell the job. the expected work schedule is next includedThisletterprovidesageneralsummaryof completing the initial employment landscape. the terms and conditions of our benefit plans, Theofferlettershouldbeorganizedasawhich are further explained in our company storybeginning with the first global consid- Next comes compensation, expressed as eitherpolicies or in material provided by our benefit erations followed by the terms that naturallyan hourly rate, or a base salary calculated at anproviders. The offer letter is not the place to KEEPING BAY AREA FLEETS IN SERVICE FOR OVER 40 YEARSBay Ship and Yacht makes it a priority to per-form on-time, quality service for all vessels. We are a full service shipyard cosistently serving Al- 5 1 0 . 3 3 7 . 9 1 2 2 ameda, San Francisco Bay, the west coast andwww.bay-ship.com the worlds maritime industry for over 40 years. A l a m e d a , C AFOGHORN 26'