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It is importantonbatteries.Theywillworkwellon tobudgetextratimeandresourcesnumerous applications and particularly accordingly.TheCoastGuardwell for slower vessels on shorter runs, certainlyprovidedampleresources,vessels that can handle their additional muchmorethananormalproject.As projects such as thisbattery weight.Since they are tasked with minimizingmove forward, demandOn a pound for pound basis, hydrogen and eliminating hazards in the marine industry, it is understandable they arefor hydrogen will increasehasnearlythreetimestheenergyof cautiousandextremelythoroughindiesel fuel and can also be used more vetting out the application of hydrogenand the development andefficientlyinfuelcellsthandiesel technologyinvessels.However,fuelforinternalcombustionengines.thiswasachallenging,cutting-edgedistribution of this fuel willHydrogenisavailablethroughout project and decisions came only afterNorth America and can be delivered to thoroughvettingwhichimpactedbe further streamlined andany dock and is also the only fuel that theprojectschedule.Typically,operators can make themselves.governmentsandregulatorsattemptclean, becoming a trulytokeeppacewithtechnology,butnet zero energy resource. Pollans book The Botany of Desire is often by the time they understand andof course, a metaphor. The red delicious approve the technology, the productapplehasnotchangedatall.The has already morphed or changed. Manyworld around it though has continued of the decisions incorporated into theto evolve, and newer and tastier apples design and construction of the Sea ChangeIn closing, there will not be any one-size- have now been grown and cloned. Unlike the weremadetoaccommodateandeasethefits-all solution for the replacement on theRed Delicious apple, our world is constantly regulatory approval process and it was still ainternalcombustionengine.However,changing, and our industry needs to adapt, to significant undertaking and accomplishmenthydrogenfuelcelltechnologywilllikelychange, one generation at a time. We cannot to obtain approval. Now that an initial pathleapfrog both traditional diesel and hybrid- allow ourselves to be stagnant. Our industry hasbeenblazed,aframeworkisinplaceelectricpropulsionmethodsasoneoftheand the Coast Guard have dealt with major that certainly should streamline the processmostbeneficialformaritimeapplications.change before, we successfully went from sail, moving forward. Thereareseveralreasonswhyweseethisto steam, and on to diesel. The Sea Change is pivot,butthemainreasonishydrogenisa groundbreaking project, and it has opened a From inception to completion, the projectboth transportable and has extremely highpath forward for other similar projects in the spannedseveralyears.Fromtheinitialenergy density.future. Our industry should work together to studies and educational meetings up untilurge the Coast Guard to continue dedicating thefinish,theteamexperiencedchangesHydrogenhasmorepowerandweighsresources to creating guidance or regulations intheCoastGuardpersonnelthathadsignificantly less than other forms of energy.for new technology and we should focus some been originally assigned to the project. AsOne gallon of diesel (7.1 pounds) has slightlyof our efforts on helping them procure the most operators are aware this is a commonless energy than one kilogram of hydrogenadditional resources that will be needed to occurrence when interfacing with the Coast(2.2 pounds). adapt to a constantly changing world.Guard. It also would have been helpful if the Coast Guard personnel developing the design basis, those evaluating the designs, and those conducting inspections had in-depth knowledge of this new technology. While many members of the Coast Guard have extensive knowledge of gaseous fuels, it is far fewer than what will eventually be required to enable regulatory approval on the same timeline or with the same surety as conventional vessels. The long equivalency process due to the lack of regulation and theAbout the Author scarcity of regulatory personnel is certainly challenging to the widespread deploymentRON WILLEofthiszero-emissiontechnologyinthePRESIDENT & COO,United States. ALL AMERICAN MARINE INC.Ron is the President and Chief Operating Officer of All American Marine.He graduated TheCoastGuardreviewedandultimatelyfrom Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan in December 1993. He has a Bachelor approvedtheprojectinaccordancewithof Science, Business Administration with a major in Finance. Ron also holds a current theirstandardpolicies.TheirhardworkUnited States Coast Guard, Merchant Mariner License. Prior to coming aboard at AAM, and dedication was greatly appreciated. It isRon had nearly two decades of vessel operations experience in Alaska.15 JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2022'