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You dont eat apples plantedboatsisAllAmericanMarinescore fromseeds.Theymustbegrafted, It all started with a singlecompetency.Welding,fabrication, cloned.RedDeliciousapplesweredesign,andoutfittingiswhatwedo discoveredin1875onJesseHiatt'ssentence, Joe, you everyday.Onthisproject,working farm in Peru, Iowa. The Red Deliciousdont understand. I dontwithasuchalargeanddiverseteam apple you eat today is an exact clonetointegratethelatesttechnological oftheonegrowninIowain1875.want to reduce pollution. advancesintoourvesselshighlights Thismakesthereddeliciousmoreourstrengthsandcapabilitiesasa proneandvulnerabletotheuntoldI want zero pollution.shipyard.Withthecombinedefforts generationsofever-changinginsectsandcooperationofAllAmerican that want to take a bite and makes itMarine (builder), ZEI (hydrogen power harder for farmers to protect.ferry, originally named the Water-Go-Round,designer), and PVA members Incat-Crowther locally in San Francisco Bay. (Zero Emission(structuraldesigner),Hornblower(systems About now you are asking yourself, WhatIndustries is a hydrogen technology company,designer),BAESystems(propulsion), theheckdoapplesandinsectshavetodocomprisedofworld-leadingexpertswithCummins (fuel cells), as well as many others with building a hydrogen boat in the Unitedproven track records, and provides the criticalwithvaluableexpertise,theprojectforged States? The answer is simple, change.behind-the-scenes novel technology productsahead and, one U.S. Coast Guard approval at that make it extremely simple for end usersa time, the vessel was constructed.BACKGROUND and OEMs/integrators to deploy clean energy Itallstartedwithanidea.In2014,Sanhydrogen marine systems.) LESSONS LEARNEDFrancisco-based tour boat company Red andDuring the course of the Sea Change project WhiteFleetapproachedSandiaNationalTheWater-Go-Round(nowcalledtheSeaourteamexperiencedchallengesrelated Laboratoriestoexplorewhetherzero- Change)projectattractedtheattentionoftochangeonmanylevels.Thisincluded emission, hydrogen fuel cell technology couldaninvestor/purchaser,SwitchE-Maritime.everythingfromtheconceptualideaof be applied to a new vessel. Dr. Joe Pratt wasSwitch purchased the ferry while it was stillusinghydrogenpropulsion,toadhering working on fuel cell technology at Sandia andunderconstruction.SwitchisanimpacttointernationalcodessuchastheIMOs was assigned a task from his boss, talk to TominvestmentplatformandisfocusedonInternational Code of Safety for Ship Using Escheraboutputtingfuelcellstoworkinbuildingthefirstfleetofexclusivelyzero- GasesorOtherLow-flashpointFuels(IGF boats. As Joe Pratt recounts, it all started withcarbon maritime vessels. Their mission is tocode),theagreementsleadingtoaU.S. a single sentence on that call from Tom Escher, Joe, you dont understand. I dont want to reduce pollution. I want zero pollution. To provide an answer for Tom, Sandia andWe take the heat, others, including the team at Eschers Red andso you dont have to.WhiteFleetpartneredontheSF-BREEZE project (and other case studies) to examineCool. Because you need it. We deliver cool based on thetechnical,regulatory,andeconomicyour reality. So no matter where you operate, hot days feasibilityofahigh-speedpassengerferryand heavy loads will never slow you down. powered solely by hydrogen fuel cells and its associatedhydrogenfuelinginfrastructure within the context of the San Francisco Bay. Joe Pratt and Dr. Lennie Klebanoff led the PHOTO COURTESY OF ALL AMERICAN MARINEcharge for over three years. Ultimately, their research concluded that it was theoretically possible to construct and build such a vessel. GRIDCOOLERWEKAUponcompletionofthereportandafterKeel Cooler BoxcoolerreadingtheresultsEscherremarked,We can study this thing to death. We know its possible. Weve got to build one and prove it.fernstrum.com| 1.906.863.5553| sales@fernstrum.com ISO 9001:2015The team forged ahead. Joe Pratt and partners2022 R.W. Fernstrum & Company. All rights reserved. FERNSTRUM and GRIDCOOLER are registered trademarks of R.W. Fernstrum & Company. All started Golden Gate Zero Emission Marine,other trademarks cited are the property of their respective owners.13 JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2022"