b'REGULATORY ACTIVITIES AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS NEW DIGITAL MARKETING PROGRAM FORSubmitted written comments to Federal Maritime CommissionPVA MEMBERSonitsAdvanceNotice of ProposedRulemakingonwhatPVAmembersarehopingforagoodstarttotheSpring2021 constitutes nonperformance of an overnight cruiseand whatseason.To help reach this goal, PVA is developing a new PVA Digital dutiesthevesseloperatorowes toitsticketholders inthatMarketing Program to promote the industry to consumers, at the situation. same time giving visibility to the safe and enjoyable operations of PVA members, beginning Spring, 2021. Submitted docket comments to the Coast Guard on its revision of equipment and supplies to be carried in survival craft, includingThemed Ahoy,NewAdventures,PassengerVessel contents of fi rst aid kits on vessels. Association, thisexcitingnewprogramisbeingdevelopedby an outside contractor, Thompson and Company, with input and SubmittedcommentstoEnvironmentalProtectionAgencyguidance from PVA members serving on the newly formed PVA on its proposed regulations to implement the Vessel IncidentalDigital Marketing Committee.These individuals have provided a Discharges Act (i.e., replacement of the current Vessel Generalgreat deal of advice which will assist us in launching what we hope Permit). will be a highly eff ective program.The plan is to launch a website highlighting member operations across the country. Also included SAFETY INITIATIVES AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS will be a member tool kit with resources that PVA members canDevelopedcomprehensivePVACoronavirusReopeninguse locally and regionally to improve the impact of the program. Guidelines for PVA Member use.Further, we will aggressively represent your interests in WashingtonDistributed the PVA Coronavirus Reopening Guidelines toD.C. and on Capitol Hill throughout 2021. PVAs legislative and state Governors and Administrators to infl uence the consistentregulatory agendas are already fi lling up with possible new emergency application of state coronavirus rules. funding legislation and other legislative and regulatoryinitiatives which will impact the passenger vessel industry.EstablishedPVAmemberworkinggrouptoformulate comments to the Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking onPVA is currently working closely with the Coast Guard to clarify Safety Management Systems for U.S. passenger vessels. the recent Mask Mandate.A letter, seeking clarifi cation on this mandate, was sent to Coast Guard Commandant, Admiral Karl SPECIAL PROJECTS Schultzandhediscussedthesituationduringhisconvention BroughtthepublishingofFOGHORNin-house.Sinceaddress.NovemberithasbeenproducedbyPVAstaff atsignifi cant savings. PotentialforimprovedrevenuestreamsandbetterPVA members and staffare also busily working on comments to the margins as the economy improves. Coast Guards Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on Safety Management Systems for passenger vessels.Plannedandheldathree-dayvirtualconvention,including virtual exhibit booths ad sessions and roundtables focusing onOur work with the Coast Guard in combating illegal charters will coping with and emerging from the coronavirus pandemic. continue in force this year.PVA members view this a being one of the associations top priorities as the situation, if left unchecked, hasProduced two instructional videos on how to apply for PPPthe potential of endangering the lives of passengers as well casting funds. our industry in an unfavorable light indirectly.COST-CUTTINGFinally, thanks to those of you who have paid your membership PVA leaders and staffhave initiated far-reaching cost-cutting measures,dues for 2021.You support is critical to our work in your behalf.If including: you have not paid your dues, we encourage you to pay when you can.PVA staffstands ready to discuss payment options with you ifFreezing PVA staffsalaries for 2021. necessary. Not replacing two PVA staffvacancies. Pleaseknowthatyouhaveourpledgetocontinueworkingto support your interests in 2021 and beyond.We hope that you willFreezing all stafftravel for 2020 and 2021. let us know whenever we can be of assistance to you.LOOKING TO THE FUTURE WITH OPTIMISM Sincerely,Like you, we are anxious to begin and expand operations.We believe that our industry is poised to regain what was lost in 2020 and urge you to approach 2021 with renewed vitality and optimism.As PVA membersbeginoperationsagain,werecognizethattherewillbeColleen Stephens Bob Bijur Jim Swindlerchallenges.Please know that we are committed to your success.HerePVA President, 2021 PVA Vice-President, 2021 PVA Secretary-are a few of the important activities which are underway for 2021 andTreasurer, 2021beyond.MARCH 2021 9 LETTER FROM PVA OFFICERS'