b'LETTER FROM PVA OFFICERSAT THE HELMA PAINFUL LOOK BACK; Yet an OPTIMISTICLOOK FORWARDI there ever was a year to rally as an association, 2020 was thatProgram (PPP) in two separate economic stimulus packages in If year.As we emerged from a wildly successful PVA conventionMarch and December.inTampaachievingrecordattendanceandexhibitbooth participationwe had solid expectations for spectacular seasons in Supported enactment of CERTS (Coronavirus Economic Relief each of our markets.The economy was strong and record-breakingfor Transportation Services Act)Treasury Department grants to travel and tourism numbers were expected. Passenger vessel operatorspassenger vessel operators and private motor coach operatorsas wererefurbishing,repowering,andpartofOmnibusAppropriationsAct, buildingnewvesselstomeetgrowing2021.demand. Inshort,wewerereadyandYour association served optimistic about what lay ahead of us. Organizedandcoordinatedseveral as a safe harbor for allPVAMembergrassrootsletterwriting InjustafewweeksfollowingthePVA members, providingcampaigns targeting Members of Congress convention,thecoronaviruspandemicand urging emergency funding assistance.emerged and dashed our hopes for theinformation, answering season. PVAmemberoperatorswereOrganized and participated in one-on-forcedtoshutdownasgovernmentsquestions, establishingone meetings involving PVA Members and scrambledtoaddressthegrowingnew and supportiveMembers of Congress to discuss passenger healthproblem. Indecisionandvessel industry situation and the need for uncertainty loomed for the entire year,programs, offering advice,emergency funding.andunfortunatelyitstilllingers. Oncepursuing emergency fertile markets for PVAs loyal Associate Supported enactment of two rounds of members to a great extent dried up. government funding; allpublictransitfundinggrants(including publicferries)intwoseparateeconomic Throughout this chaos, your associationof which was intendedstimulus packages in March and December.servedasasafeharborforallPVAto help PVA members members,providinginformation,Successfullyadvocatedfor$20M answeringquestions,establishingnewweather the storm. appropriationforMARADSmall andsupportiveprograms,offeringShipyard Grants.advice, pursuing emergency government funding; all of which was intended to help PVA members weatherSupportedenactmentofDeFazioAmendment(Maritime the storm. Transportation System Economic Relief Act) as part of Defense Authorizationgrants and loans to distressed maritime entities, to We feel it important to highlight these PVA activities for you to givebe administered by Maritime Administration.you an idea of the many ways in which PVA leaders, volunteers and staff workedand continue to work to support your interests. Influenced final version of enacted legislation in response to Conception dive boat casualty.Final requirements will impact only ThefollowinghighlightsmanyoftheassociationsactivitiesPVA vessels with overnight accommodations and those with ocean throughout 2020: and coastwise endorsements (i.e., whale watching vessels). LEGISLATIVE ACTIVITIES AND ACCOMPLISHMENTSInfluenced Senate amendments to Duck Boat Safety EnhancementSupported enactment of two rounds of Paycheck ProtectionAct (and had regular calls with PVA amphibious operators).LETTER FROM PVA OFFICERS 8 FOGHORN'