b'LETTER FROM THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTORTIER 4 LETS YOU PVA VIRTUAL CONVENTION ATAT THE HELMDO SOMETHING YOU MARITRENDS 2021 A SUCCESSMAY NOT DO OFTEN:ENJOY THE VIEW.JOHN GROUNDWATER // EXECUTIVE DIRECTORIF MARINERS KNOW ANYTHING, its this: Success isnt always easy. But thanks to our EPA Tier 4/IMO III solutions, the QSK38 and QSK60, complying with emissions standardsT heconstraintsofalingeringNEW PVA DIGITAL MARKETING PROGRAMWE NEED YOUis. With the latest aftertreatment added to the already- coronaviruspandemichaveYou may have heard about the exciting new PVA Digital Marketing proven QSK60, midlife overhauls become a thing of the past.placedgreatpressureonPVAProgram being developed for a spring roll out.ThemedAhoy, New Theres no need to change out major components until a fullmemberstoadapttoanenvironmentAdventures,PassengerVesselAssociation,thisnewmarketing overhaul. And best of all, you can keep up with emissionsofongoinguncertainty.Underprogram is being created with the input and guidance of the PVA regulations without sacrificing uptime, or one ounce of power.intolerable circumstances, our membersDigitalMarketingCommitteeandisintendedtodigitallymarket haverespondedwithcreativityPVAmembervesseloperationstoanationalconsumeraudience. Learn more at cummins.tech/tier4anddemonstratedstrong-willedThis program will incorporate a new websiteAhoy.usto identify or call 1-800-CUMMINSPVA member operators nationwide, a landing page describing your . determination to cope and survive. In many cases, they have relied on the advice and information provided by fellow PVA members.company and its activities and a tool kit for PVA members to use to further promote their businesses locally, regionally, and nationally.Unable to plan a face-to-face convention this year, PVA quickly pivoted to create a virtual convention where PVA members could reconnect,Our goal is to have this program up and running in time to support share ideas and lessons learned. The members enthusiasm for gatheringyou this spring asour members begin to emerge from the eff ects of together was evident last month as more thanthe coronavirus pandemic.We hope to tap into pent 520 PVA members participated in the PVAup public demand to travel again and will promote VirtualConventionatMariTrends2021.Rest assured thatthepassengervesselindustryasafun,safe,and Inaddition,therewere57PVAAssociateexciting form of entertainment that is literally in their members who had booths in the MariTrendswe will continue tobackyards.2021virtualexhibithall.Importantly,vigorously represent attendance included quite a few individualsPVA ASSOCIATE MEMBER PARTICIPATIONwho have never attended a face-to-face PVAyour interests inIn the fi rst phase of this program, we will also feature convention. We hope that these individualsWashington D.C.certain industry segments for our Associate members, now see the value of our conventions and willhighlighting their contributions to the passenger vessel choose to attend future in-person events. and beyond. industry.As the digital marketing program evolves, we plan to identify new ways to involve and promote our As you can imagine, a great deal of work wentPVA Associate members.into planning this virtual convention and the emphasis over the three-day event was to provide a needed forum where members could learnCOAST GUARD MASK MANDATEfrom each other and have open discussions.The program emphasizedLast month, the U.S. Coast Guard issued a Marine Safety Information information exchanges that would help members overcome pandemicBulletin(MSIB)entitledCOVID-19SafetyRequirementsinthe related problems and efficiently return to operations later in the year. Maritime Transportation System. This MSIB came on the heels of an Executive Order issued by President Joe Biden, and one issued by Special thanks must go to all who contributed as speakers, exhibitors,theCenters for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) requiring that and sponsors.Your participation added a great deal of value and servesmasks be worn in airports, on commercial aircraft, on trains, aboard to make our association stronger. public maritime vessels, including ferries, on intercity buses and on all forms of public transportation.Asanimportantaside,wewillcontinuetopromoteourloyalThe MSIB emphasized that vessel operators should use best eff orts MariTrends 2021 exhibitors throughout the year.I encourage you towhen boarding, disembarking and during travel.Click here for the visit the MariTrends 2021 virtual exhibit hall often and send a note ofcomplete MISB.thanks via their virtual booths if you have a chance.While we thoroughly enjoyed planning the PVA Virtual Convention atWhile PVA members have amassed useful experience with mask wearing MariTrends 2021, we hope to have the opportunity to abandon virtualrequirements aboard their vessels during the pandemic, even at hugely conventions and return face-to-face in 2022. reduced operating levels, there has been numerous questions about how this broadly written MSIB might apply to a diverse passenger Looking forward to seeing you then! vessel industry.Continued on page 43MARCH 2021 7 LETTER FROM THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR21-CMI-0333_media_2021 Marine Media_Foghorn_v1.indd 1 2/17/21 9:50 AM'