b'TIER 4 LETS YOUDO SOMETHING YOUMAY NOT DO OFTEN:ENJOY THE VIEW.IF MARINERS KNOW ANYTHING, its this: Success isnt always easy. But thanks to our EPA Tier 4/IMO III solutions, the QSK38 and QSK60, complying with emissions standards is. With the latest aftertreatment added to the already-proven QSK60, midlife overhauls become a thing of the past. Theres no need to change out major components until a full overhaul. And best of all, you can keep up with emissions regulations without sacrificing uptime, or one ounce of power. Learn more at cummins.tech/tier4 or call 1-800-CUMMINS .6 FOGHORN21-CMI-0333_media_2021 Marine Media_Foghorn_v1.indd 1 2/17/21 9:50 AM'