b'GREEN WATER NEWS:HORNBLOWER GROUP Is a Member of PVA GREEN WATERS PROGRAMWASHINGTON STATE FERRIESVAVesselmemberHornblowerGroup P is a member of the PVA Green WATERS CREWMEMBERS HONOREDtheProgram. Some entities under what is now Hornblower Group umbrella had previously FOR REDUCING VESSEL FUELjoined the voluntary, best green business practices program, and now all are in the program. CONSUMPTION HornblowerGrouphasbeenaleaderin environmentalresponsibilityinthepassenger vessel industry with its long and solid history of adheringtoandpromotingconscientiousgreen practices.Someofthebestgreenpracticesthat HornblowerGroupisemployingthroughoutis 189-vessel fl eet are: Certifi ed ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (RESPECT Our Planet) Hybrid vessels and energy-efficient engines Conducting energy audits to lower usage ENERY STAR appliances and sustainable/local food items on dining vessels Recycling programs and reduced paper use Volunteer in events to support a cleaner, greener environmentThe PVA Green WATERS Program is a no-cost programformembersandoff ersguidancefor protectingandpreservingAmericaswaterways throughbestgreenbusinesspracticesdesigned specifi cally for the passenger vessel industry. Learn more about the program by logging into www.passengervessel.com/#resourcesandclickingon Green WATERS Program. MARCH 2021 45 GREEN WATER NEWS'