b'GREEN WATER NEWSWASHINGTON STATE FERRIES CREWMEMBERS HONORED FOR REDUCING VESSEL FUEL CONSUMPTIONP attyRubstello,AssistantSecretary, INNOVATIVE.WashingtonStateDepartmentof Transportation/Ferries Division announced on March 4 that that the ferry system had honored UNIQUE.ALL AMERICAN MARINE Capt. Randy Eckler and StaffChief Shane Kelly duringanall-staff webinarfortheirsignifi cant environmentaleff ortsaboardChimacum,a PROVEN. 1500-passenger ferry capable of carrying up to 144 vehicles. Thecrewmembers,Rubstellosaid,hadreduced average monthly fuel consumption while, at the same time, maintaining on-time performance.Rubstello said, By fi tuning operations basedne on speed reduction and system tuning, they have broughtthevesselsmonthlyaverageofaround 225gallonsoffuelburnedperenginehourto about200gallons,savingthestatemoneyand benefi tting the environment.WashingtonStateFerriesisthenationslargest public ferry system. It has been participating in the PVA Green WATERS Program since 2015 and is currently planning to build electric ferries to meet the states goal of reducing emissions up to 57.5 ALLAMERICANMARINE.com percent by 2050. PVA Associate members Vigor Bellingham, WA | 360.647.7602 and ABB are involved in the electric ferry project. Sales@allamericanmarine.comPictured: Orca I - The first of two 78 Passenger Tour Vessels for Great Western AttractionsGREEN WATER NEWS 44 FOGHORN'