b'NEW MEMBER PROFILEMEMBER NEWSDELAWARE BAY LAUNCH SERVICE JOINS PVA!P VA PVA is pleased to welcome newU.S. Coast Guard. He is looking forward toBig Stone LeadermemberDelawareBayLaunchPVAinformationonCoastGuardupdates Service, Inc. to the association.Davidand reports on new policies that may impact Brown,VicePresidentattheoperation,his business and area of operation. joined PVA in late February. The fi ve vessels that DBLS has in its fl eet are: Delaware Bay Launch Service (DBLS) has been in operation for 48 yearsserving theBig Stone Leader115-ft vessel with a COI Mid-AtlanticRegionsince1973andisof 46 passengers and service speed of 20 knotsbased in Milford, DE. BigStoneExpress78-ftvesselcapableofBig Stone ExpressTwelve employees operate water taxis andcarrying 28 passengers with a service speed of crewboatsforyear-round/365dayservice23 knotsfor ship and tug waterborne transport, pilot transfersanddredgesupport.TheycarryBig Stone Pride65-ft vessel with a service 30,000 passengers annually.speed of 23 knots and a COI for 30 passengersDBLS operates on the Delaware River, theBigStone551-ftvessel,abletocarry15 Chesapeake and Delware (C&D) Canal, aspassengers with a service speed of 25 knotswell as Delaware Bay and the Atlantic Ocean up to 200 nautical miles off shore.Breakwater48-ft vessel with a COI of 15 passengers and a service speed of 25 knotsDaveBrownsaidthatthevesseloperatorBig Stone Pridejoined PVA for its member resources andThe operation also off ers charter service and the organizations long association with thetransport to off shore wind projects. 4519-DCT Passenger FerryCOI 49 passengers + crewFormerly Armstrong Marine USABig Stone 5Raising the Standards for Passenger Vessels Breakwatersales@brixmarine.com | (360) 457-5752 | www.brixmarine.comMEMBERNEWS 42 FOGHORN'