b'LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENTPVA MEMBERS VOTE TO AT THE HELMKEEP LEADERSHIP IN PLACE FOR A SECOND YEARCOLLEEN STEPHENS // PRESIDENTT hankyouforsupportingandattendingthePVAVirtualTracking and contributing to federal legislation that will provide Convention at MariTrends 2021.I hope that those of you whocontinued fi nancial relief due to the impacts of COVID-19;were able to attend found sessions to be benefi cial to the success of your businesses.A special thank you goes out to our loyal AssociateRequestingadditionalguidancefromtheUSCGonthe members who continued to support PVA by participating in the virtualPresidential Executive Order on Mask Wearing; and, marketplace and to all of our sponsors of MariTrends.Continuing to ensure that we have an open dialogue with the PVA BOARD OF DIRECTORS USCG through the Quality Partnership where we can discuss issues Typically, this issue of the FOGHORN would feature the fi lettersuch as their Risk-Based Decision Making process.rst from the newly elected PVA Board President.However, in 2021 the decision was made to maintain the currentPVA is also working to help your business recover slate of officers for another year. I speak forby initiating a consumer-facing digital marketing VicePresidentBobBijurandSecretary/ I would like to thankprogram.This outreach has three main steps for Treasurer Jim Swindler when I say that wethe fi rst year:arehonoredtorepresentthemembershipyou all for your trust and look forward to working with the entireand I look forward to1. Development of ahoy.us.This new website will Board of Directors and PVA Staffto advancestrive to educate consumers on the safety mission the association. continue representingofPVAmembersaswellasencouragetravelers the PVA membershipto include a trip with a PVA member no matter ThreenewBoardMemberswereelectedwhere they travel.duringtheVirtualConvention.Weareas we rebuild and look happytowelcomeAndrewSargisfrom2. Implement a digital and social media marketing Wendella Sightseeing Boats in Chicago, Sarahto a brighter future. campaign to drive traffic to ahoy.us and to further PenningtonfromClassicHarborLinesinpromote the safety culture of PVA members. NewYorkCity,andErikBombardfrom Catalina Express in San Pedro, CA to the PVA Board.We look forward to3. Provide each member with a tool kit that will help them get the most incorporating their knowledge and experiences into PVAs future. out of PVAs eff orts.The tool kit will also include tips on how each member can participate to help increase the reach of PVAs campaign.I would also like to recognize and thank Rich Davison from Star of HonoluluCruisesandEventsforhisservicetothePVABoardofEach year, the officers of the PVA Board and PVA staffwork to revise the Directors.While we will miss Rich at the Board Meetings, we are lookingassociations strategic plan.This plan is used to guide the daily operations forward to his continued participation in committees and the association.of the association and to defi ne any specifi c areas of work that PVA needs tofocus on during the next 12 months. In March we worked on the strategic THE COURSE AHEAD planning process.If you have input or ideas that the Board should consider, There is no crystal ball that can forecast the next few months.Theplease reach out.Our combined voice as members is what ensures a strongernancial variables that impact the course of fi recovery for the passengerPVA.vessel industry and associate members will vary depending on the region where we operate, market and client demand, the course of the COVIDI would like to thank you all for your trust and I look forward to continue pandemic and the success of vaccination distribution. representing the PVA membership as we rebuild and look to a brighter future.WhatIcanconfi dentlystateisthatthePVAteamwillfocuson representing our industrys needs to the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG), otherSincerely,regulatory bodies and congressional leaders.The immediate issues being worked on include:Responding to the Coast Guards Advance Notice of Proposed Rule Making (ANRPM)for Safety Management Systems.In the next few weeks, you will see guidance from PVA to assist you inColleen Stephens,writing your individual companys comments that are due by laterPresidentthis spring;LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT 4 FOGHORN'