b'NEWSWIRE:How Are You? Federal Committee Creates Survey to Assess Mariners Mental Health During PandemicI ts been a difficult 12 months for everyone.and Occupational Health Sciences say, yourThesurveyisavailablefromJanuary22 Now,thefederalgovernmentwantsvoiceisveryimportanttohelpingimprovethroughMay31,2021.Resultsfromthe toknowhowprofessionalmariners mental health access and outcomes for yoursurvey will be shared with federal agencies, passenger vessel operators includedare faringfellowmariners,particularlyduringthevesselowners/operators,marinerunions, emotionally and physically as we continue toCOVID-19 pandemic. maritimetraininginstitutions,seafarer battle against the COVID-19 pandemic.welfare organizations and other stakeholders Essentially,theconfi dentialsurveyaskstofacilitatedevelopmentofeff ective Lastyear,afederalinteragencycoalitionmarinersavarietyofquestionsaboutsolutions that benefi t our mariners mental convenedaCOVID-19WorkingGroupCOVID-19,theirmentalhealth,andtheirwellbeing.oftheU.S.CommitteeontheMaritimeexperiences and feelings when aboard a vessel TransportationSystem(CMTS)toduringthechallengesofthisworldwideFor more information, go to https://www.developmentanassessmenttooltomeasurepandemic. The survey is anonymous in that nocmts.gov/posts/3acf9856-c18f-48f1-96da-theemotionalhealthandwellbeingofthemariner identifi cation data will be collected.5621be3fc2d4commercialmaritimecommunity.LeadSurvey participation from a signifi cant portion bytheU.S.CoastGuardandtheMaritimeof the mariners in each industry segment is Administration (MARAD), and working withcritical to understanding how the COVID-19 longlistofagencies,includingtheCenterspandemic has aff ected their mental health.Survey participation from a signifi cantTAKE THE MARINER COVID-19 portion of the marinersWELLBEING SURVEY in each industryhttps://redcap.iths.org/surveys/?s=R-segment is critical toR933YTPKKunderstanding how the COVID-19 pandemic has aff ected their mental health.ofDiseaseControlandPrevention(CDC), theUniversityofWashingtonsSchoolof Public Health created a survey with a series of questions designed to establish a sense of mariners mental health was created. RELIABLE POWER FOR A Theanonymoussurvey,MarinerMentalDEMANDING SCHEDULEHealthNeedsDuringCOVID-19,should only take about 10 minutes to complete, andYour business cant compromise when it comes to maintaining a demanding schedule. Thats why no one needs to respond to any question thatcustomers count on reliable John Deere PowerTech they dont want to. The survey developers atmarine engines. With high torque and low-rated rpm, the University of Washingtons EnvironmentalJohn Deere engines deliver dependable power and quiet operation.Full power range of marine engines 60 to 559 kw (80 to 750 hp)JohnDeere.com/MarineMARCH 2021 37 NEWSWIRE'