b'2021 FOCUS AREASWhat is the process for ordering CG What are the crew members Not surprisingly the areas of focus for the Coastapproved equipment such as lifejackets orresponsibilities for responding to an Guardin2021aredirectlyrelatedtorecentflares?emergency? casualties.According to the Coast Guard, focus areas could change from year to year based on the What is the process for making vessel What are the crew members performance of the industry.Here is the shortalterations?responsibilities for the safe operation of list of areas the Coast Guard inspectors will paythe vessel?attention to regardless of inspection tier:Does the vessel anchor? Describe the process.ItisobviousthequestionsabovecanbeAccommodations (Crew & Passengers) traced back to functional elements of a safetyWhat procedures and watches aremanagementsystem.CrewknowledgewillOvernight accommodation spaces followed for overnight voyages?be key to a successful inspection.The good news is most of the above should be commonOperation of smoke detectors/alarm unitsDo you know the limits of yourknowledge to a trained and competent crew. stability letter/route?EvenbetternewsisthatPVAsFlagshipLi-Ion Battery Storage SMScontainsthosefunctionalelementtoWhat is your response to any injurieshelpguidemembersthroughtherocessofLi-Ion Battery Charging onboard?establishing a SMS. Human Factors: What is your response to marineGETTING OFF THE LIST What are crew responsibilities forcasualties?One of the biggest questions asked since the roll safe operations of vessel? out of the tiered inspection policy and receiptWhat is your response to loss ofof high risk letters is how does a vessel get offWhat are your procedures if yousteering/propulsion?the list?Looking at the criteria published in the receive an alarm? two risk based policy letters (CVC Policy LetterDo you have procedures for charging16-05, Change 1 and CVC Policy Letter 20-02)For overnight operations, whonon-permanent lithium-ion batteries?there are some things a vessel operator cannot conducts rounds? How often? change such as vessel age and hull material.AWhat are your procedures for inclement weather?HUMAN FACTORS AND SAFETY MANAGEMENT The below questions are taken directly from the newFM-840(K)and(T)andareasampleofUSCG-Certied Light-Weight potential questions that a marine inspector can use to determine the efficacy of a safety cultureAluminum Honeycomb Panels aboard a vessel. Crews that are unable to providefor Passenger Ferriessatisfactory answers may be considered for a flag state detention. Does the vessel create voyage plans? Whodecorative | durable | functionalcreates/monitors/verifies them and what are the criteria?rigidized.com/markets/marine How often is lifesaving equipment checked by the crew (rafts, lifejackets, provisions, instructions, etc.)?What is the process of reporting/discarding/replacing faulty lifesaving system parts?How do you track preventative maintenance?What are your procedures if you receive an alarm?How often is the bilge system tested? 658 Ohio Street | Buffalo, NY 14203 | marine@rigidized.comMARCH 2021 33 SAFETY MATTERS'