b'PVA AT 50 that were the product of his own artistic talents. Theconferenceitselfremainedlow-key,but CELEBRATINGinformative, with plenty of opportunities for walks on the beach and visits with other attendees.A year or two later the conference was sited in PVAS 50 THClearwater,FL.BobKehlwaspresidentthen. Withapproximatelydoublethenumberof member attendees, the hot topic was whether or not ferry operators should have a rightful place ANNIVERSARY in the organization.Excursion and dinner cruise operations, the types of businesses in the majority, which the NAPVO founders had in common, were concerned about a shift toward ferry operations. Thedebatewasheated,anditwasonlywith reluctance, after a break and a walk on the beach to mull it over, that the door officially opened to PVA Board Meeting Oct 1999include ferries and a greater range of vessel types.Thatdivideoverferrycompanyparticipation continued to fl just beneath the surface, like aoat deadhead awaiting incident, for a number of years before the issue fi resolved with the creationnally of a Ferry Council in the fall of 1990.Council members considered their operational challenges and inherent issues, shared by most ferry operators, and their concerns could then be brought forward to the associations Board of Directors.Later, over the years, other councils were also created, such astheAssociateCouncil,recognizingthemany vendors and service providers who were a growing and vital part of PVA.The fi rst meeting to organize the Ferry Council was held in Washington, D. C.There, for the fi rst time, I had the opportunity to meet Peter Lauridsen, the recently retired Coast Guard Captain, who came aboard as our Regulatory Advisor, Ken Stein of Sayville Ferry, and Fred Hall of the Bridgeport-Port Jeff erson Steamboat Company.Fred became theLeft to right: Tim Graul, Doug Bombard, Roger Murphy, Pete Lauridsen, fi Dick Purinton rst Ferry Council Chair.These men, and others, became valuable mentors and friends.Peter Lauridsen soon became one ofPhoto courtesy of Block Island Ferryseveralcredible,reliableassociationconsultants. These advisors soon comprised a respected nucleus of knowledge and professionalism by which the entire association benefi tted.My introduction to Pete occurred during a time whenourcompanyvesselCOIswereimpacted by a new manning NAVIC.This NAVIC was implementedinfullcompliancebyourlocalAsk us aboutMarine Inspection Office, resulting in the increaseTripL ggerin manning for each of our ferries. (This policyCustom Apps for Passenger Vessel Fleetscame about, in part, by casino boats that carried large numbers of patrons on multiple decks.) We received immediate help from Pete Lauridsen, asMonitoring Solutions You Can Depend Onwell as support from other ferry operators, and we found relief through a compromise with our Track, Report & Archive Compliance DataMarine Inspection Office.Our vessel COIs were Detect Anomalies Earlyrevised,onceagain,tobalancemanningwith Remotely Track Location & Speedpassenger counts.I recall making numerous trips Monitor From Phones, Tablets, Computers Receive Instant Alert Notifications gplink.com| +1.252.504.5113MARCH 2021 25 PVA AT 50'