b'PVA AT 50CELEBRATING PVA AT 50PVAS 50 TH ANNIVERSARYBY DICK PURINTON // PVA PAST PRESIDENTP VAisanorganizationthatbringstogetherpassengervessel operators to exchange ideas, to promote operational safety, and to foster business opportunities.This has been a winning combination, but such an organization might not have lasted 50 years unless there had been key decisions made along the way, with many talented people involved, and with an occasional victory celebrated.The talented people have included vessel operators, builders, designers, and suppliers of the thousands of products required to make a vessel safe, functional and appealing, in addition to a staffofcommittedprofessionalswhooff ermemberstheirexpertiseand guidance. Mary Jo and I attended our fi conference, as I recall, in Pompanorst Beach, FL, in the winter of 1980.Then, and for a number of years afterward, this relatively new organization was referred to as NAPVO, the National Association of Passenger Vessel Owners.Approximately 20 companies were represented at that gathering.Our company, Washington Island Ferry Line, Inc., had fi joined inrst spring of 1979 after taking ownership of a new ferry named Robert Noble.We were seeking a reputable marine insurer, and after joining Dale Lozier, Memphis Riverboats, Inc., Memphis, TN NAPVO we were introduced to the Marsh-McClennan agency located in St. Louis, the associations fi rst endorsed broker.Our marine policies continued to be written by this agency over the next decade. Attendees at that fi rst Florida meeting had been encouraged to bring several slides of company attention to detail vessels for a show-and-tell presentation.Alan and Mary Bernstein were then, as they have been each year ever since, the driving force behind organizing conference logistics and helping to prepare an engaging agenda.In his room a few doorsdownfromAlanandMaryBernstein, Mr. Weisman of Weisman Novelty Company took orders from his motel room sales booth, wherehedisplayedimprintedcaptainshats and other souvenir items that could be pedaled tocruisepatrons.Hemighthavebeenthe Associations fi rst conference vendor!Capt. Bob Lumpp, who was then the association President, presented a session on signage, the plywoodadvertisingversion,underscoring importance of having good looking signage. Heshowedseveralslideshighlightinghis www.beurteaux.com Hannibal,MO,operationandpaintedsigns PVA AT 50 24 FOGHORN'