b'FOGHORN FOCUSEDUCATIONAL SESSIONS COVER ESSENTIAL TOPICS FOR OPERATORSBUSINESS/OPERATIONS SESSIONS BobShaw,whoiscurrentlytheinterimpresidentofHornblower Groups cruises and events division, assembled a team of operators to talk about business aspects hit hardest by the pandemic and suggested rebuilding lessons. Representing diff erent areas and types of operations, the presenters were Dan Blanchard of UnCruise Adventures, Hannah Roth of Gateway Clippper in Pittsburgh, PA, and Dan Yates at Portland Spirit in Portland, OR. They talked about staffing, marketing, technology andsoftwarechanges,employeeengagementandretention,customer perks, diversity and inclusion and more.Bob Shaw assembled a panel to discuss strategies for success. The panel (clockwise) was: Dan Blanchard, Dan Yates, Hannah Roth, Toviewthissession,GeneralSessionPanelDiscussion:Lessonsand Bob Shaw. Rebuilding and Reimagining Your BusinessStrategies for Success, click here.The next generation of vessel operators is gearing up on their skillsBen Bernstein, BB Riverboats, led a roundtable discussion on Lessonsand experiences while asserting their leadership capabilities. Morgan Learned on COVID-19, which allowed participants to share solutionsMooney of Fire Island Ferries and Zack Reed of UES Seating shared and concerns about how the pandemic has afflicted their operations. thoughts of emerging leaders and where they see the industry going. Some attendees said that getting passengers to wear masks continues to beTo view this session, PVA Emerging Leaders Speak Out: Views on problematic. But, other operators stressed that mask mandates arent theIndustry Evolution, click here.biggest problem for their businesses or putting them at fi nancial risk. The Safety is a priority for PVA and its members. Earnesto Coleman of larger issue facing passenger vessel operators in 2021 is social distancingHornblower Group and Mike McElroy of Wendella Sightseeing Boats aboard vessels.In order to distance passengers from one another, limitsled a session on workplace safety for operators to embrace in a post on capacity is required. One session participant, Rick Fryan, who runsCOVID-19 world. They focused on best practices that enhance safety the Goodtime III out of Mentor, OH, lamented that his vessel, which hasin and around vessel operations. Both Coleman and McElroy have been a COI of 1,000 is currently only allowed to carry 200 passengers. Withstrong leaders for the PVA Safety and Security Committee and have his fi operating costs, hes concerned that his operation will not bexedextensive experience in vessel safety and training. sustainable with only 20 percent capacity. Other operators sympathized with Fryans plight saying they, too, are face similar concerns.To view this session, Workplace Safety and Best Practices in a Post Many thoughts were off ered during the hour-long session covering a wideCOVID-19 World, click here.array of topics. The professional trade organization today known as the Passenger To view this session, COVID-19 Roundtable: Lessons Learned, clickVessel Association got its start when a few passenger vessel operators here. banded together 50 years ago over marine insurance for their vessels. Today, marine insurance remains a major business consideration for AsdebatesandpoliciesonengineemissionscontinueintheU.S.,all PVA members. More than ever, in this uncertain business climate, conversations about hybrid vessels are increasing in the maritime industry,vessel operators have insurance questions. Two insurance pros, James includingthecommercialpassengervesselsegment.JohnWaterhouse,Robinson of Robinson & Son, LLC. and Chris Branson of Bonke Elliott Bay Design Group, handpicked a panel of knowledgeable experts toInsurance Agency, Inc., explained where the insurance industry is now explore the points that vessel operators should be aware of when deciding ifand where it may be heading in the near future.a hybrid vessel is right for them. Maid of the Mist, an excursion operator atTo view this session, NavigatingaChangingInsuranceWorld: Niagara Falls, recently built and put into service two electric vessels. ChrisChallenges and Perspectives, click here.McKay spoke about the project. To view this session, Trends in Hybrid Vessel Design, click here. Crew training is essential to every operation, thats a given. Certainly training new crewmembers is essentialbut dont forget to off er refresherA panel explored the latest advancements in marine propulsion andcourses to your current or returning seasonal crew team members. Do what they means for passenger vessels. This session delved deeper intoyou know how to conduct eff ective crew refresher training? Wendella specifi c projects and technologies available now and on the horizon forSightseeing Boats Mike McElroy off ered tips to ensure all of your crew even more efficient vessel propulsion.members are always prepared. To view this session, Advancements in Marine Propulsion, click here. To view this session, How to Conduct Eff ective Crew Refresher Training, click here.FOGHORN FOCUS: CONVENTION REVIEW 20 FOGHORN'