b'FOGHORN FOCUSCAPTAIN ELIZABETH GEDNEY PASSENGER VESSEL SAFETY AWARD WINNER ANNOUNCEDCoast Guard Command Karl Schultz spoke live via Zoom to PVA attendees and PVA President Colleen Stephens. On February 16, prior to the CommandantsOnSeptember7,2020LaborDaythemovingthevictimtoshorewheremedical speech, Earnesto Coleman, Chair of the PVAcrewmemberswereaboardPuyallup,aresponders were waiting.SafetyandSecurityCommittee,presented2500-passenger/202vehicle-ferry,whena theprestigiousCaptainElizabethGedneyreport of a recreational boater in the vicinityRongo and Weitz found themselves back in the Passenger Vessel Safety Award to Jesse Rongosuff eredheartproblems.Deployingarescuesame rescue boat a few hours later to assist in andCoryWeitz.Botharecrewmembersatboat from the ferry, Second Mate Rongo andsaving fi people and two dogs after a vesselve WashingtonStateFerries(WSF)whowereAble-Bodied Seaman Weitz assisted the strickencapsized offEdmonds, WA. According to the involved in two separate life-saving events onboater by delivering chest compressions and anEdmonds News, three vessels responded to a the same day last year.automated external defi brillator (AED), beforecall about the capsized recreational boat, with Rongo and Weitz pulling two victims out of the water. All fi ve boaters were taken to a local hospital to be checked out, as is routine for persons after cold water exposure. JesseRongowasliveonscreenforthe announcementofwinningtheGedney PassengerVesselSafetyawardandrecounted the events of the day in which a total of six people and two dogs lives were saved. ThisawardisnamedinhonorofCaptain ElizabethBethGedney,whowasPVAs DirectorofSafety,SecurityandRisk Managementformanyyears.Itispresented annuallytorecognizeactionsbyPVAVessel members and their employees through safety training,seamanship,anddedicationtothe best standards of the passenger vessel industry thathaveresultedinasignifi cant,positive outcome.Moresimply,actionstakenin response to a crisis or emergency, resulting in a substantial, and possibly life-saving, impact (i.e. man-overboard).POWER TO KEEPThis award is supported by the Passenger Vessel YOU MOVING Foundation and is presented each year at the PVA Annual Convention at MariTends by the Withouruncompromisingstandards,puttingPVA Safety and Security Committee. performance and reliability at the heart of every- PVA members are encouraged to nominate the heroeswithintheiroperationswhoperform thing we do, HamiltonJet deliver waterjet systemssignifi cantandpotentiallylive-savingacts. to keep your operation moving. Nominationsaredonebycompletingthe online form https://www.pvfoundation.com/awards/captain-elizabeth-gedney-passenger-vessel-safety-award/ Toviewthispresentation,Presentationof theCaptainElizabethGedneyPassenger Vessel Safety Award, click here.FOGHORN FOCUS: CONVENTION REVIEW 18 FOGHORN'