b'Some hot spots are down in South Florida, Tampa, up in the Great Lakes, the Commandant said. Recently in California, U.S. Virgin Islands [and] Puerto Rico. Weve got folks all over the Coast Guard, some in the Northeast, really diving in to these illegal charters and the risk they pose to unsuspecting members of society. They [consumers] just want to go out and enjoy some time on the water. They need to do that with a licensed captain and trained crew. And weve seen an uptick in this really technologically sophisticated where everyone has an app for everything world. With the online marketplace it allows these boat owners to really market their craft below the radar, so weve got to get our sectors, our marine inspectors, weve got our Coast Guard investigative service folks working hand and hand with local authorities and we are going to try to take a bite out of this scourge called illegal charters. PVA has been working with the Coast Guard for years to halt illegal charters and salutes the Commandant for his strong stance against these unsafe and illegal operations.Zoom made sharing presentations easy for attendees to learn how to cope during COVID-19.Admiral Karl L. Schultz assumed the duties as the 26th Commandant of the United States Coast Guard on June 1, 2018. As Commandant,REGION MEETINGS OFFER CANDID he oversees all global Coast Guard operations and 41,000 active-duty, 6,200 reserve, and 8,500 civilian personnel, as well as the support ofCONVERSATIONS25,000 Coast Guard Auxiliary volunteers.At the end of each day, members were invited to participate in virtual happy To view this session, OpeningGeneralSessionCoastGuardhours as part of PVA Region Meetings. Each region held a 60-minute Priorities for 2021 and Beyond, click here. meeting to discuss local issues, plan for a fall PVA Region meeting, and just talk to one another in candid conversations. PVA President Colleen Stephens and PVA Vice President Bob Bijur addressed members with association news and took questions from members. 2020-Gladding-Hearn-FerryMultiP_Foghorn-MarineNews.pdf 5 12/8/20 10:12 AMWHEN PERFORMANCE MATTERS MOST.CMYCMMYCYCMYKGLADDING-HEARNSHIPBUILDINGDuclos Corporationgladding-hearn.comMARCH 2021 17 FOGHORN FOCUS: CONVENTION REVIEW'