b'and for the duration of travel. And best eff orts include denying entry to-What are the economic impacts of the rule?FOGHORN FOCUSthe conveyance or disembarking any person who refuses to wear at the-And, have you seen safety improvement using other types of earliest opportunity. SMSs like the PVA voluntary Flagship initiative?SMS CONCERNS To comment on the SMS ANPRM, go to https://www.federalregister.AddressingthenewAdvancedNoticeofProposedRulemakinggov/documents/2021/01/15/2021-01058/safety-management-systems-(ANPRM)onsafetymanagementsystems(SMS),theAdmiralfor-domestic-passenger-vesselsnoted concern saying,We are evaluating potential adoption of that. Comments are open until April. We really need to hear your feedbackILLEGAL CHARTERSon that. Another area of concern to many passenger vessel operators is illegal charters. Even while properly licensed and credentialed vessel operations According to ADM Schultz, about 10 percent of the U.S. passengerhave been largely sidelined by the pandemic and following local rules, fl some crafty boat owners have tried to operate under the radar witheet is currently required to have a SMS in place.Safety management systemsreinforcetheimportanceofasafetyculture.Acultureillegal charters. Not only are they unsafe, as the majority do not have where everyone has the responsibility to break the error chain beforethe required training, equipment, and crew as mandated by federal something catastrophic happens.law, they give legitimate vessel operators a bad reputation with their shady dealings. Fortunately, the Coast Guard has heard PVAs pleas for PVA has developed a substantive safety management system, Flagship,assistance and are cracking down. for its membership to use to manage operations and minimize risk. The Commandant acknowledged PVAs Flagship in his address.AftersayingtheCoastGuardhasbeenbusierthaneverdueto recreational users on American waterways, the Commandant said that I know that PVA has been leading the way in adoption of a voluntaryillegal charters are an area of priority for the military branch. SMS through its Flagship initiative, which the Coast Guard formally recognized back three-and-a-half years ago, in 2017, ADM Schulz saidWhen I looked over the last three years, I dont think a weekend or on screen at the PVA Convention. weekgoesbywhentheresnotmultipleCoastGuardinteractions identifying illegal charters across the nation, ADM Schultz said. Nevertheless, he listed the areas that he hopes that passenger vessel operators will comment on regarding the SMS ANPRM. These are:To the collective relief to PVA members, ADM Schultz emphasized that the Coast Guard will make a concerted eff ort to not only halt illegal -What types of vessels should be covered? charters, but also to take steps to prevent them from proliferating, -How should the rule impact multi-vessel fl eets and what are theespecially in areas where they are prevalent. nuances?Refit & RepairAugust 2020 Launch of C HICAGOSE MERALDL ADY Quality Commercial Vessels. Built by Burger to Your RequirementsBurger is recognized worldwide for quality custom vessels that provide years of dependable service. Aluminum and Steel FabricationRefit and Repair ServicesPassenger Vessels- Hull Plate Replacement +1 920.686.5117 Water Taxis- Exterior and Interior Coatings sales@burgerboat.com- Engine & Generator Repowers50 Aluminum Cruiser Wind Farm Support Vessels burgerboatcommercial.com Crew Supply Vessels- All Vessel System Repairs Other Vessels to 260 (80m)- Interior Refresh Proudly built in the USAFOGHORN FOCUS: CONVENTION REVIEW 16 FOGHORN'