b'He then touched on the areas that PVA members have the most Coast COAST GUARD COMMANDANT ADDRESSEDGuard regulatory concerns.Three of those issues are mask mandates, PVA VIRTUAL CONVENTION ATTENDEES LIVEsafety management systems, and illegal charters.PVAsDirectorofRegulatoryAff airsandRiskManagementEricMASK MANDATEChristensen,aretiredCoastGuardofficer,formallyinvitedAdmiralOn January 21, President Biden issued an Executive Order, Promoting Karl Schutlz, Commandant of the U.S. Coast Guard to speak to PVACOVID-19 Safety in Domestic and International Travel, that required convention attendees, and the Admiral accepted. Speaking live via Zoom,the wearing of masks on public transportation. Public maritime vessels, NETWORKING Onscreen ADM Schultz on February 16 was the opening general session presenter.including ferries were specifi cally mentioned in the Order. Masks are Setting the stage for the rest of the program, the Commandant off ered anot required to be worn while eating or drinking, per CDC orders.realistic account of the state of the maritime industry today and in the passenger vessel industry in particular.https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2021/01/26/2021-01859/promoting-covid-19-safety-in-domestic-and-international-travelSpeaking from Coast Guard Headquaters ADM Schultz acknowledged the terrible impact that pandemic has had on the travel industry andAccordingly, guidelines presented by the Centers of Disease Control passengervesseloperators.CitingtheU.S.TravelAssociation,theand Prevention (CDC) are to be enforced by the Coast Guard, which Admiral referenced the $492 billion travel hit the U.S. travel industryADM Schultz addressed. After recognizing that the E.O. is pretty has taken since the beginning of March 2020 through the end of year instraightforward, he said that the Coast Guards mission of ensuring cumulative losses. To PVA Convention attendees, he said, I recognizemaritime safety in its entirety means that face masks are just part of that your livelihoods depend on travel.the equation.To be clear, we take the position that the CDC guidelines should not interfere with the safe operation of a vessel, the Commandant said.US TRAVEL ASSOCIATIONSince the beginning of March and through theIn terms of compliance, ADM Schultz acknowledged,Its a pretty end of 2020, the pandemic has resulted in $492high bar to meet.billionincumulativelossesfortheU.S.travel economy, equating to a daily loss of approximatelyHe further elaborated saying, Our approach to enforcement will $1.6 billion for the past 10 months. be measured, focused on education with CDC guidelines that say ustravel.org conveyance operators must use best eff orts to ensure any and all persons onboard the conveyance wear a mask when boarding, disembarking Engine power solutionspower up your excursion experienceCreating an edge for your excursion business relies on producing a more positive customer experience. With Scania engines powering your vessels, youre full speed ahead of the competition. Scania designs, engineers and builds marine engines famous for their power and reliability. Engine noise has been minimized to allow your customers to fully appreciate the sounds of nature, while alsoeasily hearing tour information and safety instructions from your crew.Scania marine engines produce high torque at low revolutions, resulting in exceptional maneuverability in tight harbors. Plus, Scanias record of proven performance, dependability, and superior support and service will keep your operation on schedule, today and tomorrow. Empower your operationwww.scaniausa.comMARCH 2021 15 FOGHORN FOCUS: CONVENTION REVIEW'