b'also included personnel availability, maintenance requirements, cleaningABOUT THE AUTHOR: requirements and the like. In addition, we provided hand sanitizers in the terminals and on board the ferryboats, social distancing signage and placards, along with a robust social media campaign. We also started developing longer term plans for this new normal such as touchless appliances for the restrooms in terminals, on board the ferryboats and in employee spaces and began researching automated cleaning and sanitizing options for the future, upgraded fi ltration systems for HVAC systems, better separation and protective barriers between employee work stations and other hygiene-type enhancements that would address not only COVID-19, but make our work and public spaces more healthy and more resilient against everything from COVID-19 to the common cold. Although many organizations are moving ahead on many of these initiatives,James C. DeSimoneI think it is critically important that everything done going forward be based on and dovetail with guidance from public health officials when more dataSEAWARD MARITIMEis available on COVID-19.For exampleour 72-hour cleaning regime wasJames Jim DeSimone is the former Deputy actually based on how long it took to clean every subway car in the system,Commissioner/COOforPVAmember rather than hard scientifi c data on the virus. I realize there are measuresStaten Island Ferry in New York. Prior to his taken to reassure the traveling public and there is nothing wrong with that,retirement from the ferry system in 2020, he but in the end of the day we need to understand the science.spent 16 years overseeing the large operation The COVID 19 pandemic is far from over, but we are all hopeful that thethatmoves22millionpassengersbetween ongoing vaccination regime expands sufficiently to get us back to someManhattan and Staten Island in the New York type of normalcy this year. This, of course, is now being challenged by theCity area. DeSimone served on the PVA Board mutant strains of COVID-19 that are appearing worldwide. There is noof Directors and has spoken at the PVA Annual question that the fi nancial impact on all ferry operations, both public andConvention at MariTrends and holds degrees private, will be felt for years to come. The situation is very much a movingfrom the State University of New York (SUNY) target at this this time that will ultimately be driven by budgets and whatMaritime College and Manhattan College. He work and commuting looks like in the future.Lets keep our fi ngers crossed! can be reached at jamesdesimone3@gmail.com.MARCH 2021 13 FOGHORN FOCUS'