b'Powering TheAlaskan WatersB audouins venture powering North Americacontinues to grow. Located in Alaska, tour boatSt. Helaina, is one of the latest additions to thefleet of Allen Marine Tours, Inc.The St. Helaina is powered by 3 x Baudouin 6M26.3engines delivering 815mhp @ 2100rpm each. UtilizingCommon Rail Fuel Injection Systems, Baudouinengines offer great fuel consumption in both US EPA 36M26.3and US EPA 4 configurations.For more information about Baudouin marine diesel engines,contact MSHS at +1 786-606-6505 or email enginesales@mshs.com.Motor-Services Hugo Stamp, Inc.Authorized Distributor and Service CenterEAST COAST+1 954-763-3660/GULF COAST+1 504-265-8800/WEST COAST+1 425-513-6747inf o@mshs.com|www om| 800-622-6747info@mshs.c om|www.mshs.c.mshs.com| 800-622-6747 om|www'