b'FOGHORNFOCUS: TECHNOLOGYScanning the Horizon for New Technologies?3D is Already AboardBy Karen Rainbolt, FOGHORN Managing Editordecisions.3D scanning provides marine engineers with the ability to evaluate data and solve problems more precisely.3D scanning can support a variety of marine applications, including:Exterior hull scanningInterior layoutPiping systems modificationsStructural modificationsAs-Built drawing developmentHull model developmentVessel stability documentationMajor vessel modificationsBallast water treatment installationsEquipment removal and replace-ment interferencesLines PlanWalk-through capabilityENGINE ROOM 3D VESSEL SCANS EBDG has utilized 3D scanning services for many clients, in this example engineers scanned the engine room of a passenger vessel. (ABOVE) EBDG produced a highly detailed drawing package for the client to be used during construction. The drawing was used to identify where systems would interface and recognize any potential problems before construction. (RIGHT) Actual photo of the engine room.P erhaps youve taken a virtual tour of a house for sale simply by clicking a few buttons on your computer, tablet or Smartphone and were able to navigate through a home to see all its nooks and crannies. Or, if youve ever used the Google Maps Street View feature to virtually drive or walk on streets anywhere in the world with the ability to turn at will to see everything around you, then youve experienced the techno-logical wizardry made possible through the use of 3D scanning. Now, that technology is being applied to the passenger vessel industry in a number of creative ways.How Does it Work?This is a great tool, said Jeffrey Robert, Port Engineer at PVA Vessel member3D scanning uses two technolo-Cape May-Lewes Ferry in N. Cape May, NJ. The ferry system is doing a complex,gies: Point Clouds and Photospheres. but straightforward engine repower and 3D scanning is being utilized to makeThe first uses a laser or infrared camera the planning and installation easier.to capture reflected light off objects Due mostly to the difficulty in obtaining parts and environmental concerns,relative to the cameras position. These were repowering two of our vessels with PVA Associate member Caterpillarspoints are given an X, Y, and Z value Tier 3 EMD 12 cylinder 710 engines, Robert explained. for location (3D = three dimensions) and also are assigned a Red/Green/What Is 3D Scanning? Blue (RGB) value to color those points. According to the website of PVA Associate member Elliott Bay Design GroupComputer software registers all of the (EBDG) in Seattle, WA, 3D scanning is a valuable tool used to gather a wealth ofpoints to each other to provide a highly data with ultimate accuracy.Its result is an effective visual communication aidaccurate point cloud of the scanned that vessel owners, operators and shipyards can use to make better, more informedspace.6 SEPTEMBER 2019FOGHORN'