b'm .0 (12.20"TWIN DISC MAKES DOCKING MANEUVERS0EASIER AND ENHANCES 31mm 300.0 PASSENGER COMFORT(11.81")757.24 mm(29.81")QUICKSHIFT POWEREC300 MARINE CONTROLS & EXPRESSVETH PROPULSIONTRANSMISSIONS TAKEOFFS JOYSTICK & POSITIONING SYSTEMS SYSTEMSFor your next build, rebuild or refit, put Twin Disc onboard. Youll benefit from our experience.Our renowned QuickShift transmissions coupled with our EC300 electronic controls or EC300JS Express Joystick System offer unparalleled speed control, precise maneuvering and shifting smoothness that captainsand passengers appreciate. And our Veth Propulsion systems provide optimal vessel directional control and propulsion efficiency.For expert engineering assistance to assure your optimal product specifications and performance, contact Klaus@TwinDisc.com .WEVE JOINED FORCES T W I N D I S C .CO M'