b'ENVIRONMENTessential natural resources and drivelives) is one positively impactful way toAbout the Author economic and social development. get involved. Through employing en- Margaret Foster-Roesner CSV acknowledges tradeoffsvironmental protection and corporatejoined Hornblower in 2007 between short-term profitability andsocial responsibility practices, we mayand is the Director of ISO/HSSQE, Training and social or environmental goals, butachieve measurable plastic reductionSustainability. Based in San focuses on the opportunities for com- on the water where we navigate andFrancisco, her responsibilities petitive advantage from building aat shore-sides where we embark, load,include Alcatraz Cruises and corporate social value proposition into corporaterepair, refurbish, build, and dock ourleadership with Hornblower Cruises strategywith respect to people, thevessels. n and Events.She has a MBA from Dominican University of California environment and profit. When weand a B.A. in Management from work together as an industry andSaint Marys College of California. employ a triple bottom line strategy making people, the environment and profi t work in tandem and attain sus-tainable competitive advantage thenEXCEED GLOBAL EMISSIONS STANDARDS we create shared value for our busi-nesses. We create shared value through the sphere in which we operate, so it is a win-win. We encourage our suppliers, partners, and stakeholders, to do the same and we serve customers who in-creasingly care about the contributions we are making for people and the envi-ronment. We can achieve this through a focus on reducing and eliminating plastics while continuing to grow our businesses bottom line profi ts.At AlcatrazCruisesand Hornblower Companies, our mission is to create amazing experiences, which includes environment standards as a pillar of our integrated management system, that also includes health, safety, security and quality standards, to con-tinually enhance our operational per-formance. Environmental sustainability is a value through which we operate without compromising the others, such as safety always. Furthermore, envi-ronmental issues that threaten our com-munities are health, safety and security issues. Climate change is currently con-sidered by scientists and researchers, such as the Pew Research Center and the World Economic Forum, as a threat to humankind. We are all interconnect- Build your next ferry to exceed the upcoming global environmental ed and share the same fate and impactsemssions standards. Operate a lightweight vessel equipped with of pollution and degradation to thehybrid or electric engines. Reduce your operating and maintenance natural environment, natural resources,costs while minimizing your environmental impact. and the marine ecosystem. We have an opportunity to engage our stakeholdersBUILD A CARBON FIBER FERRY.and scale our vision. Learn more about Americas only carbon T- and K-Class ferry builder:As PVA members, reducing and seeking to eliminate plastics in thewww. ARCADIA-ALLIANCE .commaritime industry (and in our personal SEPTEMBER 2019FOGHORN 25'