b'ENVIRONMENTThis comes down to two key values:swathes of oceans that contain trash)on to survive include sandy beaches, protection and responsible manage- located in the Atlantic, Pacific androcky shores, salt marshes, coral reefs, ment. We must protect and preserveIndian Ocean. At twice the size ofmangroves, deep sea, and hydrother-habitats and ecosystems we dependTexas, according to USA Today, themal vents. Oxygen is generated from on, as well as the people and placesPacifi c Garbage Patch is the largest. phytoplankton, tiny ocean plants from being harmed by environmentalThe primary reasons why marinethrough the process of photosynthesis. issues we face. Through responsibleecosystems are threatened, are theThey photosynthesize using sunlight management, taking practical, commoneffects of climate change, carbonand carbon dioxide to make food, as a sense steps to address problems facingdioxide (CO2) in marine ecosystems,necessary part of the marine ecosystem.our environment is in the best interestmarine acidifi cation, and plastic waste.As mariners, it is also important of future generations. How we decideMarine ecosystems that all species relyto understand how CO2 contributes to engage with stakeholders as an industry is integral to the degree we collectively uphold these ethics. I recently joined our nations aquariums, zoos and public parks to be certified as a trainer for the National NetworkPublic Tickets & for Ocean and Climate Change inter-pretation. Due to the vast number ofPrivate Charterscustomers we serve at Alcatraz Cruises and Hornblower Cruises and Events,.together at lasthaving more educators within our own industry and companies propels our industry forward in environmentalEFFORTLESSIntegrated online, phone affairs. RESERVATIONS and walk-up bookingsMarine Ecosystems Are Threatened + TICKETINGOn a global scale, plastic is endingAutomated conrmation, up on our beachessuch as plasticfor Passenger Vessels andreminder and follow-up emailsbottles, food packaging from groceryWater Sportsand single-use items, toiletries, largerMarketing and Search household items and more. HumansEngine Optimization (SEO)have produced 18.2 trillion pounds of plastic since the 50s, which is equiva-Personalized set-up, training lent in size to 1 billion elephants andand support includedto 1/8 the weight of the entire popula-tion of blue whales. As 10 million tons of plastic end up in our ocean eachManage your entire business fromyear, sea animals mistake plastic fora single, integrated platformfood. At this rate, by 2050 the ocean is expected to have more plastic than fi sh,EFFORTLESSand oceans are a source of food for overCONTRACTS230,000 species.A c c o rd i n g t o t h e O c e a nfor Charters, Schools, and Tour GroupsConservancy, worldwide, 100,000 marine mammals and turtles are killedCustom PDF contractsDetailed reports for annually by plastic litter and trash inwith fully-trackableevent planning and the ocean kills more than one millionversioning nancial trackingseabirds 1200 species have been found entangled in or having ingested marineSupport for privateResource tracking for charters, schools and debris. 100 percent turtles and 50tour groups multi-use inventorypercent of birds are found with plastic in their stomachs. This is a worldwide issue since there are other four typesSCHEDULE A DEMOof so-called Garbage Patches (largeW W W . S T A R B O A R D S U I T E . C O MSEPTEMBER 2019FOGHORN 23'