b'ENVIRONMENTEnvironmental Sustainability and Reducing Plastics in the Maritime SectorBy Margaret Foster-Roesner, Alcatraz CruisesEditors Note: This is part two in a seriesof ocean water devoid of oxygen mul- cod, sea turtles, dolphins, whales, and of three on environmental concerns intiplied four times over the past fiftyother species. Industries rely on these the passenger vessel industry. Part oneyears. Humans rely on oceans forresources to exist.appeared in the July 2019 edition ofoxygen, seafood, transportation ofProtection and conservation are FOGHORN. goods and services, work, enjoyment,essential to sustain current ecosys-Our Oceans and to regulate the climate. The planetstems. Yet whose responsibility is this? Oceans cover two-thirds of Earthsoceans rely on us for protection andNetworks of communities, industries, surface and holds 97 percent of theconservation.institutions, cities, and coalitions, are Earths water. Oceans produce 70All rivers, tributaries, lakes, andworking together for the restoration, percent of the oxygen in the atmo- seas are part of the ocean structure, andprotection, and conservation of the sphere by marine plants and regulateseverything from these smaller bodiesnatural environment. We navigate the earths temperatures as the heartof water converges into oceans. Despitewaterways to provide services and regulates the flow of blood through- its vital importance, each minute, theoperate our businesses. out the human body. Rainforests areequivalent of one garbage truck fullAs members of the maritime sector, responsible for roughly one-third ofof trash enters our oceans. All marineit is our responsibility to help solve en-Earths oxygen. The ocean is centralwildlife species, habitats and popula- vironmental issues facing the marine to the climate system yet the volumetions are being disrupted salmon,environment where we work. THE WATER-GO-ROUND IS FIRST INPOSSIBLE BECAUSE OF ITS CLASS OUR COMMITTED PARTNERSThis project is supported by the California Climate Investments Bay Ship and Yacht is honored to be(CCI) program.awarded the contract to build the first Hydrogen Passenger Vessel in the USA and the world. We are proud to be a leader in the industry while also doing our part to protect our environment.H 2 O5 1 0 . 3 3 7. 9 1 2 2w w w . b a y - s h i p . c o mA l a m e d a , C A22 SEPTEMBER 2019FOGHORN'