b'FOGHORNFOCUS: TECHNOLOGYreduced the time to process chip cards, which really should be helpful for passenger vessel operators, Sichynsky said. According to Visa, Quick Chip for EMV enables customers to dip and remove their EMV chip card atAlert Notificationscheckout in about two seconds or less.Maintenance ForecastingAnd, the news gets better. The ability to use the Quick Chip requiresImplementation Support only a simple software update to theDrill & Inspection Integrationmerchants terminal or point-of-sale system. Merchants already EMV- Parts Recommendations compliant can be up and running in minimal time as the upgrade requiresInventory Management no changes to their routing or trans- Repair Cost Reportingaction handling or additional Visa or EMVCo testing. Key Performance Indicators 978-562-5211 x 2If you havent already done so,www.WheelHouseTech.comSichynsky advises PVA members to adopt this technology to speed up transaction processing.Another advancement to process payments quickly is tap to pay. If a customer has a contactless credit card with the ability to simply tap the payment-enabled device, they can simply tap the card (or Smartphone or Smartwatch associated with the tap-to-pay card) to pay. According to Visa,ALL AMERICAN MARINEits fast, easy, and secure. Facial RecognitionIn late August, American Airlines started using facial recognition in place of boarding passes at the gate of Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) AirportINNOVATIVE. UNIQUE. PROVEN.in Texas. In order to board some in-ternational fl ights, facial recognition software must match with the pas-sengers passport photograph. Paper or electronic boarding passes are still required by U.S. Transportation Security Administration or TSA for going through airport security. At the gate, a monitor with a camera snaps a photo of each passenger which biometric software then determines whether theres a match. This isnt the fi rst time the airline has used the technology. In December 2018, American Airlines launched a 90-day trial of using biometrics toALLAMERICANMARINE.comboard passengers in Los Angeles, CA SEPTEMBER 2019FOGHORN 19'