b"FOGHORNFOCUS: TECHNOLOGYAccording to Wray and Rogerson,in a small area to provide goodmore than 1500 feet, its not likely to be the anticipated benefits of 5G shouldcoverage.Youll see the antennas allavailable.include faster speeds (much fasterover light poles in Arlington, Virginia,From his perspective, Dandeneau than previous generation networks),for instance, very soon. thinks theres no rush to invest heavily lower latency (less delays or lags whenThey (5G) also have limited rangein 5G. Yet.using devices), greater capacity (the(effectively 1500 feet, from what IveSo, while we could invest time and ability to simultaneously use multipleread) and are likely to be deployed ineffort in taking advantage of the capa-applications), reliability (no droppedurban centers with high user density,bilities of 5G, we will have to continue calls or connectivity issues), fl exibility,he continued.Not so much out in theto develop to a lower common de-and improved battery life. countryside, smaller towns, etc.Andnominator of performance to ensure While that all sounds pretty good,when you get away from the shorelinemaximum usability, he said.we need to take a step back. Remember, our industry is water-based and our biggest assets are, literally, on the move. Will those issues be problemat-ic? In March, Bloomberg reporter Yuko Takeo suggested that the transporta-tion industry could be among the fi rst to benefit from 5G.But, Takeo wrote that with 5G, autonomous vehicles promise to revolutionize shipping andThe European World Leader, logistics. That could mean platoons of linked autonomous trucks and ghostproudly serving America's nest !cargo ships, as well as dramatic im- Reservations, Check-In, Port Automation, ePoSprovements in logistic effi ciency. But, were passenger vessels and our cargo are peoplecommuters, tourists, and day-trippersnot cargo ships on long overseas journeys in wide open, sparsely traffi cked areas.Takeos reporting really doesnt address our industry. John Dandeneau of PVA Associate member GoDo, who does understand passenger vessel operations, sees things a little clearer. As a web app developer (and website developer for our clients), 5G does create some potential opportuni-ties to increase the depth of the user experience to take advantage of the greater bandwidth, said Dandeneau. Thinkgreat use of videos, more in-teractive apps (several widgets pulling down data, etc).He also knows about the challenges that vessel operators face when using some technology, particularly whileWe care about your Customersunderway and/or operating in remoteWorldwide, we serve over 33 million passengers, 5 million areas. When asked specifically about potential challenges relating to 5G, es- vehicles and over a million cargo units annually.pecially in the beginning, Dandeneau acknowledged, there are limitations. From whale watching to fine dining and from bay crossingsDandeneau said, The fairly limitedto ocean voyages; Carus has the answer. range of a 5G small cell antenna meanswww.carus.comthere have to be a lot of them installed SEPTEMBER 2019FOGHORN 17"