b'FOGHORNFOCUS: TECHNOLOGYTechnology Steers Chicago Operators BusinessesBy Karen Rainbolt, FOGHORN Managing EditorW ithout technology, our business would not be able to operate, period. So said Michael Borgstrom when asked how technology impacts his business. Family owned and operated for more than 80 years, Wendella Sightseeing Boats, Chicago,Wendella Sightseeing Boats IL, offers Chicago River and Lake Michiganrelies on technology for a private events, cruises and tours, includingsmooth operation.guided architecture tours of the Windybusinesses and employ between 220-240 people at the height Citys famed skyline. In addition, the Borgstrom familyof the season.also operates Chicago Water Taxi, which connects severalBack in 1935, when the company was founded by Chicago neighborhoods with various dining, sightseeingSwedish immigrant Bo Albert Borgstrom at Chicagos Navy and shopping attractions on distinctive yellow and blackPier, the original Wendella, was a 65-foot long, wood-hulled water taxis.vessel that carried 96 passengers, and tickets cost 25 cents. Wendella Sightseeing Boats operates five vessels,Bo Albert didnt have the technological tools available and Chicago Water Taxi operates four (with a fifth vesseltoday and back then, may not have needed them. Today, expected to be delivered later in the year). Both are seasonalthe Chicago River is a heavily trafficked waterway with LEADING THE WAYThrustmasters complete hybrid propulsion systems for ferries andexcursionvesselsreducesfuelconsumptionandcuts carbon emissions. The engines clock fewer operating hours and run at their most efficient operating load, running cleaner and extending maintenance intervals. Propulsion motors are in pods below the hull, saving space and eliminating noise in the vessel. Thrustmasters hybrid propulsion systems are completely integrated systems with generators, power distribution, frequency inverters, azimuth thrusters, stored energyandautomatedpowermanagement.MadeintheUSAandprotectedby Thrustmasters patented technology.Learn more at www.Thrustmaster.net10 SEPTEMBER 2019FOGHORN'