JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2019 • FOGHORN 49 MEMBERNEWS tionality into an easy-to-install package. While new to the market, the Navpilot 300 Gesture Control Autopilot was also one of three finalists in the Technology Award Category. This new Autopilot uses Bluetooth signals from the handheld gesture controller, making is possible to control the Autopilot from anywhere on the boat within 10 meters of helm. Just push, hold the button, point to the desired heading and release to change course. Furuno’s long and distin- guished tradition of producing top performing and highly reliable products was affirmed from NMEA, bringing Furuno’s grand total to 225 NMEA awards. n requiring “official” logbooks, which previously included redundant, cum- bersome and unnecessary recordkeep- ing requirements; and instructing the Coast Guard to move forward in issuing a final rule eliminating the re- quirement for formal radar refresher training for certain mariners who routinely use radar in regular vessel operations. Pro-Active Regulatory Engagement While new regulatory activity has slowed to a trickle under President Trump’s directive, PVA is taking this opportunity to expand its efforts to reduce regulation on the passenger vessel industry even further. Along these lines, the PVA Regulatory Committee is taking a look at existing regulations to identify op- portunities to improve, adjust, or even eliminate them altogether. Combating Illegal Charters We are seeing an unsettling expansion of illegal charter operators in ports across our Nation. These illegal operators are skirting regula- tion created to protect passengers from harm and, as a result, creating a PRESIDENT, CONTINUED FROM PAGE 4 FURUNO, CONTINUED FROM PAGE 48 hazard to public safety. PVA is vocally opposing these illegal charters, and is working closely with Coast Guard to combat this issue. Sharing the Waterways Jen Wilk and our new PVA Regulatory Committee chair Steve Jones have passionately pursued this important issue. Thanks to their hard work we have gained a valuable voice amongst several industry and regula- tory groups. Lastly, I have truly enjoyed serving as the 2018 President and want to thank the Executive Officers Bob Lawler and Colleen Stephens as well as our Board of Directors, Past Presidents, and staff for helping me along the way. Thank you, Gus Gaspardo President n