42 JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2019 • FOGHORN HOW PVA BENEFITS YOU by a staff of experts in each transpor- tation mode. PVA’s Efforts to Address Safety PVA’s work began on this specific safety initiative following the NTSB’s investigation of the September 2015 amphibious vehicle on-road incident in Seattle, WA, and the NTSB’s subse- quent recommendations issued to the association. Other organizations also received recommendations from the NTSB following the incident, including the U.S. Coast Guard and the indi- vidual company, but these specific rec- ommendations were directed towards PVA because several of its members also operate amphibious vehicles. PVA’s efforts to carry out these rec- ommendations started with bringing together the amphibious vehicle operatingcommunity.InFebruary2018, PVAand the American Bus Association (ABA) hosted an Amphibious Vehicle Summit in Alexandria, VA for the purpose of facilitating discussion about the items in the recommendations including lessons learned from the specific incident as well as continuing a dialogue about best practices. Event attendees included 70 representatives from amphibious vehicle operations around the country, as well as individ- uals from the NTSB, the Coast Guard, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. In addition to the Summit, PVA published in the June 2018 FOGHORN an article entitled “Focus on Amphibious Passenger Vessels to Improve Safety” written by PVA’s Director of Regulatory Affairs and Risk Management, Eric Christensen. This article highlighted NTSB investi- gations and findings regarding recent amphibious vehicle accidents. Emphasizing PVA’s ongoing com- mitment to promoting amphibious vehicle safety, PVA President Gus Gaspardo stated in a letter to NTSB Chairmain Sumwalt, “We believe that we have fully met the parameters of the recommendations. We plan to continue efforts to communicate with amphibious vehicle operators to emphasize safe practices and sharing lessons learned.” NTSB Educational Sessions at the PVA Convention As a member of PVA you have the unique opportunity at the PVAAnnual Convention 2019 to learn more about the NTSB and how it may impact your business. At one of the convention edu- cational sessions on January 18, you can find out directly from NTSB marine safety investigations directors exactly what to expect regarding an NTSB in- vestigation after a casualty. We greatly appreciate the NTSB’s participation in PVA’s Conventions over the years. n PROTECTING OVER 1 MILLION LIVES EVERY DAY Survitec is the number 1 global supplier of innovative safety and survival solutions on passenger vessels. In addition to our flexible liferaft agreements we offer MES, lifeboats, rescue boats, fire safety and suppression, lifejackets, immersion suits, distress signals, electronics and much more. CONTACT US TODAY: (800) 931-3221 | (604) 278-3221 vancouver.sales@survitecgroup.com SURVITECGROUP.COM SCA0154A Ad - Foghorn 2018.indd 2 18/07/2018 16:13:30 ENGINEERING SERVICES GOVERNMENT AND MILITARY SERVICES To bring Crowley on board for your next project, contact us at 206.332.8090 or visit our website at crowley.com. PROJECT SERVICES