38 JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2019 • FOGHORN SAFETYMATTERS Common Maritime Acronyms ACP – Area Contingency Plan or Alternate Compliance Program. These will likely not be discussed in the same sentence, to avoid confusion. Ports will have an ACP used in responding to an incident. Vessels can participate in ACP if they are also under survey by a recog- nized classicization society. ADA – Americans with Disabilities Act. AIS – Automatic Identification System. AMI – Apprentice Marine Inspector. The Coast Guard has adopted the apprentice/journeyman model for providing durability and beauty to NYC’s newest ferries www.rigidized.com/marine marine@rigidized.com training marine inspectors. AMSC – Area Maritime Security Committee. Port stakeholders focused on port security. AOR – Area of Responsibility. Coast Guard Sector Commanders have clearly defined areas where their personnel and platforms (boats and aircraft) are under their control. AtoN – Aids to Navigation. C 4 I T – C o m m a n d , C o n t r o l , Communications, Computers, and Intelligence Technology. A term you may hear during an Admiral’s speech when discussing upgrades to aging technology. It just sounds cool. CDO – Command Duty Officer. The individual in the Sector Command Center who will play 20 questions with you when you call to make a report or try to get to someone at the Sector who can actually help you. CFR – U.S. Code of Federal Regulation. CID – Chief, Inspection Division. The marine inspectors work for this indi- vidual. If you do not know their name, find out after reading this article. This is who you contact when you disagree with the inspector. CG-5P – Director of Prevention Policy. The Admiral at CGHQ responsible for inspections, investigations, boating safety and waterways management. CG-835 – Coast Guard form used to document deficiencies and worklist items. CGHQ – Coast Guard Headquarters. CGIS – Coast Guard Investigative Service. The Coast Guard’s criminal in- vestigative arm. You do not want to be the focus of their attention. CO – Commanding Officer. Not to be confused with Sector Commander. C O M D T I N S T – C o m m a n d a n t Instruction or Manual. COTP – Captain-of-the-Port. One of the many hats a Sector Commander will wear. Focused on port operations. DAPI – Drug and Alcohol Program Inspector. SINCE 1959,LP&A has built its reputation on designing unique vessels which meet our clients’diverse requirements.In addition to casino vessels,we also design a wide variety of vessels including dinner and overnight excursion vessels,auto/passenger ferries,research vessels, container ships,tugboats,private motor yachts and specialty projects. We enjoy an excellent reputation not only with shipyards,owners and operators,but also with the U.S.Coast Guard,the American Bureau of Shipping,and Bureau Veritas. Phone: (904) 221-7447 • Fax: (904) 221-1363 2300 Marsh Point Rd. Suite 303 Neptune Beach, FL 32266 matt@laypitman.com • www.laypitman.com • Full Service Vessel Design • Layouts • Structure • Outfitting • Mechanical systems • HVAC systems • Electrical systems • Feasibility studies • Stability analysis • Specifications • Concept designs • Vessel inspections • Shipyard and regulatory liaison 2019 Jan Feb FOGHORN