28 JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2019 • FOGHORN FOGHORNFOCUS: SALES & MARKETING Once you decide on content to post, be sure to include the ubiqui- tous hashtag (#) to encourage readers to share your message. Rainbolt urges vessel operators to “find ways to increase the reach and exposure of your posts. Make sure your strategy aligns with your channel, e.g. hashtags for Instagram and Twitter and tag people on Facebook” to maximize your messages’ longevity and effectiveness. Ames concurs. She says, “To effec- tively reach audiences and customers, marketers need to be much more in- tentional about the content they post. There must be a clear benefit that motivates them to follow, share, and engage.” Regarding frequency, the more often you post, the better your analytics. Interestingly enough, when you post is nearly as important as what and how often you post. For example, if you chose Twitter to be your key social media platform, then you should plan to post your messages in the morning and in the evening. Why? According to an December 17, 2018 article titled, The Best Time to Tweet (to Get Higher Engagement) in 2019, “People seem to start and end their days on Twitter; most engagement happens in the mornings and evenings. One possible explanation is that Twitter is a way for people to pass the time on their commute to and from work.” Even more intriguing, the way Twitter users engage with messages differs between the morning and evening as The Best Time to Tweet article explains. “The type of engagement is not the same for morning and evening: The majority of clicks on in-post links (such as to your latest blog post) happen in the morning. In the evening, Twitter users are more likely to engage by liking or retweeting your post.” The data gleaned from that article’s conclusions comes from two studies that surveyed more than five million tweets. Finally, Rainbolt says, “remember that social media is really about quality content and reciprocity. Your goal should be to put out good posts, and engage with others to form a positive connection to your operation.” Learn More! https://www.forbes.com/sites/ andrewlevine2/2017/01/17/heres- what-google-thinks-five-next-practices-in- destination-marketing/#6a641e633046 https://adespresso.com/blog/best-time- to-tweet/ https://www.extension.harvard.edu/ professional-development/blog/ successful-social-media-marketers-focus- customer-needs https://blogs.constantcontact.com/ what-to-post-social-media/ https://www.inc.com/dakota-shane/ social-media-trends-change-quickly-this-6- step-guide-will-help-you-keep-up.html ZF Propulsion System Technology. For the dependable, on-time service you provide. ZF’s line of propulsion technology – from transmissions and thrusters, to propellers and controls – provides the optimal solution for passenger ferry applications worldwide. We offer the control, reliability and performance you’re looking for, resulting in a turnkey propulsion system designed to meet your needs. ZF is ready to help keep you on-schedule. zfmarinepropulsion.com